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Hello company JomSocial

I would do a question

1 - when I buy the module Paid Membership with Access Control system is installed on my server
2 - I can create several types of subscriptions for my User pay via paypal this system it would be
3 - has only payment via paypal

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This developer is useless - non open source software only. Bad karma for you!
Owner's reply

We have an open source developer version also. You may contact us via our website if you want to buy that.


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Good Day

I have a client with the below requirements, can you confirm that your component can fulfill below requirements.

There will need to be a function allowing people to register as promoters on online and in doing so create a profile that they can access at any time by logging on to the site.

An access to these profiles needs to be possible in order to allow us to mange these profiles. Where we as a company can record the following info on their profiles,please keep in mind that although the promoters can access their profiles when logging on, at this stage it is not a necessity for them to view the following info on their profile itself.

Info that can be recorded on their profile from the back end is the following:
Date worked
Venue worked
Unit sold
Resume ration
Money owing

At this stage this is what I need to be able to record on their profile that they cannot view at this point.

There will need to be a separate page for something called Premium, this will also be a registration page but for models alone it will have the same functionality as the promoter registration but more space for pictures, the promoter registration will only have space for two pictures, I would suggest this registration having space for about 4.

When registering weather it be as a promoter or a model it will be a three step process, it will be to fill out the application form, upload pictures and thirdly to agree to the terms and conditions.
We need to be able to search registered promoter and model profiles using key words, areas specifically as we often need to locate our available staff in a particular area or attributes ie: blonde, brunette, white, black etc

We need to be able to send Sms and emails in masses to the particular group of people searched at the same time, 99 percent of the time the the group of people being sent and SMS and/or email will be sent the same message, but preferably I would like the option of sending the information to a group or individual.

Please advise what is possible using your component ASAP I need this info urgently

[email protected]

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Remove Recurring payments
How the subscribers can remove the "recurring payment" ?

Example: they buy the membership for 6 months, then after 5 months they decide to remove their membership and don't be charged again at the subscription expiration.
Owner's reply

Please use contact form on our site for the questions like this. We will be happy to assist you.



This does not work with Jomsocial
Purchased the Plugins with extra features. Installed it and it ran straight to errors. Updated Php Version as asked. Still did not work. Updated various php files as requested still did not work. Updated all core files still did not work. Asked the developer to help but he could not. Gave them access info to help they logged in once and still not working. Then told to install ioncube uploader and alter php.ini files that did not work. This is useless. On some of the plugins extensions, you also have to register for a license to use it. What is presented on their website does not represent the product you purchase. with this many alterations to php code and programming, it really does not work out of the box so i would avoid at all costs. I have asked for the transaction to be refunded unless they get the system working
Owner's reply

Most probably this is a fake review. Why? Let's see what we provide;
- Fully functional trial with support without buying the product.
See? you can simply first try the working product on your site and then buy only if you are satisfied. There is absolutely NO LOSS.

- We offer dedicated one to one support after you buy. Again, there is no chance of failure. Just check Contact Us page on our website.

- If you did not take a trial prior to buy, we refund your money if the product does not work on your website. Again, NO LOSS for you.

Now, anyone can clearly see the above review is not true at all.


Technical detail

Before to purchase I want to know technical detail of this component.May I have technical detail of this component because I might need to develop custom component and module as well as might need to extend this component.

Is it possible to extend this?
Can you provide the fully readable (no encrypted) code?

Thank you,
Owner's reply

Yes, you may contact us via our website to buy the special developer version.


Not compatible with latest version
I installed it, had to recompile the server for IONCUBE, enabled all the modules and it doesn't allow any kind of access control on Jomsocial 3.1

Great component
And excellent support. We recommend this extension!

Watch out!!
Think twice before you purchase this module!

First of all, the website do not provide all the necessary informations to make it work properly (it's realy not clear!)

Second, once you purchase it for a very big amount (in Euro GBD), you will get a login and password to access a very weird web page, where all you can see is a list of about 100 extensions... you will have to find out wich one is the correct one.. wich one is the one you just purchased... good luck!!!

The version you can find there, once you find it, wont work at all.. you will only get error messages. the working version is still under development... they ask you to pay a very big price for something that doesn't work.

I've had to open a case with paypal, ask 4 times to get a refund... all they did is they sent me an other version of this module, and it crashed my joomla installation.

suggestion : try an other solution... ;-)
Owner's reply

1) We offer free fully functional trials and moneyback guarantee for 15 days because our software works. Otherwise we can't do that.
2) Our software is not under development. Sometimes there can be conflicts on buyer's site which we offer to resolve but if the buyer don't want that or we fail, we refund.
3) We have refunded in this case already.
4) Setup instructions are there and we do reply questions over email.
5) Sometimes our email goes into spam/junk folder of customer's email paypal email address but they still can ask us the download location by using our contact form.


demo not working
I want to buy Paid Membership Manager product. And I tried the demo. I have a question. I login in with user01 and I can edit this user's own profile. But at the back-end, this user's Subscription plan which
indicates the "Edit Own Profile" is setting to no. Why it's not working? I want a feature that some user can't edit their own profile.
Owner's reply

Demo site is updated. By the way, you can also request for a free fully functional trial version.


Good component but...
Need ION CUBE installed on server (see
No Documentation
Support very light
No language file to translate the component
Owner's reply

Thanks for the feedback. Here is some clarification by the way.

All frontend layout files are open and not encoded. You can change the language, layout etc. Documentation is available in the form of FAQs on our website. We always try our best to provide support/answer customer queries as soon as possible. If in case we are unable to solve a problem in the component (chances of which are very rare) we always ready to give the money back.

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