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No Support
This component had such potential not any more kunena is at 1.6 and this extension wont even run it support is so bad stay away.

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Doesn't work with Jomsocial 2.2.4
Don't buy this software. It simply doesn't work with the recent version of Jomsocial. Very poor support. You will waste your money if you purchase this product.

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Good product, almost no support
I've run this since JomSocial 1.6. It works on 1.8, too, and they did release a fix for one issue in 5.0, but you may still run into difficulties. It seems like they might have a core group of people who test and have a direct line to the developers, but they generally don't even respond in the support forum. I resolved my own issue and posted that in the forum for the benefit of others. Not one word from Latitudweb about it. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now. There could be good reasons for it, so I renewed my subscription, but I hope their serious lack of a "support" forum presence changes. I'm not by any means the only person with this complaint.

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Works fine, and friendly support
I'ts easy to install, and works fine. Friendly customer support.

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JS G-Kunena
This is a simple but effective integration solution. If you use both Jomsocial and Kunena I highly recommend this component. The fact that Jomsocial group discussions had little to no sort functions or features really bothered me. I wanted each group to have a central discussion forum and this dealt with the redundancy perfectly.

Really, I am surprised that Jomsocial haven’t included something similar to this as standard. For now, this is the best solution.

If I was one to pick hairs, the automatic forum creation feature in JSGKunena doesn’t allow the forums to be sub forums, which may have been a nice feature for sites with large numbers of groups. However, this can be done manually.

In all, this is a great component and well worth the money!


check update prior to buying this app
I used this app and depended on its continued upkeep. I do not believe the author is maintaining current updates. check his website and email him directly before you buy. I wish someone else would continue this project. the service and product WAS great but now I fear it is orphaned
Owner's reply

Greg, it's been updated today. I'm very sorry for the delay.

We've had to expand the team because of the amount of work, and it's been a huge challenge for us.

I know this is not the best way to do things, but trying to compensate you for this delay, we're extending all JS G-KUNENA subscriptions for a whole year from now. We'll send you more detailed information about it.

We plan to continue the project development for as long as it is required, as we also use it on our own sites. Anyhow, we have also moved our license to GPL, so in case anybody thinks it's orphaned, as you say, he can feel free to continue the development (we don't want that, as I said we plan to keep the development up and running, but we also want our users to feel as secure as possible).

Thank you very much for your patience.


price are set too high
the price is near to the jomsocial price,howcome ?

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