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Be careful of this extension
Someone else once said that you cant get virus', trojans, and other problems on your site from components, modules, and plugins. The second I uploaded this extension to my site it had problems which eventually resulted in a complete site shutdown. I guess it is possible that the very second I loaded this extension someone hacked my site to make it look as if this was the one but I believe that is way too much coincidence. I am not telling you not to load it but I would definitely backup your site before you do.
Owner's reply

@ncrangers -- Thank you for your feedback. Chatroll is a professional product, used by over 50,000 publishers world wide. We support all major CMS platforms, including Joomla and JomSocial, and we thoroughly test each of our module release.

It is very likely that it was a coincidence that your site crashed. Nonetheless, we would like to look into your setup for you and verify it was correctly installed. We proudly stand behind our service, and we assure you Chatroll is a dependable, enterprise-grade product. Please contact us at [email protected] and one of our professional and friendly support staff will gladly assist you.

Thank you,
The Chatroll Team

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