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not worth to buy
after seeing demo site I found it interesting but is not at all good to buy. is not at all good
2.ater installation you will find trouble template file not found and you uninstall also then also it remains same. Basically there is template file and doesnt provide frontpage.index.php file so the template creates problem with all the templates.
3. there is issue with drag and drop connection. do not know how it will work? admin panel you can setup new connection but it never appears in front end.

so before you buy think about issues and there is no support from them
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Thank you taking the time to submit your review. But facts are somewhat false. 1) Support is outstanding. 2) Template not found was a bug only on custom templates in which we have always work with our clients to resolve. 3) Drag and drop issues are bugs again only in custom templates, ie... default Jomsocial templates as seen in demo, all work fine. 4) Admin panel new connections issue is not a CoolJom bug as this is third party issues and again all of which we are happy to assist all clients to resolve this and/or any issues concerning our products.

Aside from this review, if you are experiencing any issues, please submit a support ticket and we will assist you.

CoolJom Team


Site Down
Their site has been down for over two days now. Sent a message on their Facebook page, but on reply.

Good product however worst support
We have been a very patient and understanding customer for Cooljom and gave them more than a month to reply and support us in our requirement. If you buy this product, be prepared to send 10 reminders to get 1 reply that too not so promising. Worst support that we have encountered till now.

Cooljom team, wish you get in touch with us to resolve the issue that we have many time reported and give us some worth for the money that you have taken. Contact us on [email protected]

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