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It’s time to upgrade and we’re here to help! Announcing the immediate release of JiMigrator 2.0 Rebuilt from the ground up to support huge data migrations by using our incredibly advanced split-pass asynchronous processing. Our customers have successfu ...

JomSocial Statistics with any TIMEFRAME. Go beyond the simple "number of hits" feature and add a time variable to your reports and lists. You can make statistics on anything on your JomSocial site. Top viewed/commented users, videos, photo albums... Comp ...

Wow.. take a look at this must have chameleon jomsocial plugin!! only your imagination will hold you back. Ever wanted to add something to your jomsocial template that integrates perfectly in the Main Content, Sidebar Top or Bottom but never found the rig ...

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Run multiple sites with single Joomla installation. Share Users and JomSocial database data between sites easily.

Force Fields
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Have your users for some reason ignoring the required fields in their profiles? Are they registered with Facebook and have all of them left empty?Would it be too much to ask users if they could complete their profiles? In many cases, it would. It is a fa ...

Create multiple sites with the same joomla installation. You can also decide the share the users between your websites or share any extension like JomSocial to benefit of a single sign-in.

The Problem : The standard Joomla 1.5 stable has no means to allow or require admin (or other) approval / verification before a user is allowed to login to a site - that is - after they get their verification email, all one has to do is click and then lo ...

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