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Great Extension, great functionality great support
I am using Jevents and Jomsocial in a very sophisticated business network. Every user has its own calendar embedded in his profile and ever ygroup has its own calendar.
Whenever an evennt is created, the creator has to specify, if the event is visible only to him, to allm user or only to his friends or the members of a certain group.
Thus, Jevents improves the functionality of Josocial and introduces a perfect event management system.
Furthermore the support by the developer is great and he even starts to code a asked extension if it is possible,

One of the better options still not great
Be prepared to spend a few days figuring out the various plugins needed and to troubleshoot issues. Jevent Member downloads required to get this to work together, however the quality of the plugins is not up to the same standard as the Jevents Core.

Could not be more happy!
I paid for the subscription to this site, so that I could access the early release of the product. Though it was still a release candidate, it worked very well. Moreover, the support from the maker is phenomenal!

I made a couple of mistakes in configuration, and they helped me through corrections. Even more important, they added a couple of features that I requested almost at the drop of a hat. Do not hesitate to use this product. It is money well spent!

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