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Don't get this for JomSocial Version 2.0
It hasn't been integrated. I bought it, wish I shouldn't have. You can EVENTUALLY get it to do what you want it to do, but there's a lot of patch work involved.

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JS 1.8
Will it be integrated with Jomsocial 1.8 ?

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Not worth buying
Works fine on it's own but this really doesn't add any functionality to the current JomSocial 2.x.x and it's something you have to facilitate separately even though it says it integrates. You have to buy templates or customize them yourself. Adding events is more involved and complicated for front end users than the built in functionality of JomSocial. You can't control user groups easily and moderation is so-so at best. Blah.

Needs Updating
This calendar hasn't been updated in quite sometime.
And its very expensive considering it doesn't truly integrate with Jomsocial.
Spend your money elsewhere.

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