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Great application,
great application and fast service replies from its creator. Fast replies. Nothing more to say just buy :)

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Does what it says
Does what it says and the support is fantastic!

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A must have for your profile page
For those which profile page is an important feature and don't likes the long long scrolling to applications, JS apps in tab is really a must have.
Very simple to implement and after some tests, last beta (quickly provided by support team) is working like a charm with new apps management of next JS1.8.

Great Plugin - Great Support !
I needed a solution for splitting jomsocial apps into several tabs thus making profile pages less cluttered with information.

After searching for solutions online i came across this little amazing plugin that will capture your installed jomsocial apps and display each one of them in a separate tab.

I needed a custom workaround to display Jomsocial activity in a dedicated tab and developer helped me achieve it. The support service you will receive for this app is TOP NOTCH, i assure you !

I loved this app!
I had so many applications that made my profiles look way too long and confusing!
With this app, now i don't have to scroll a mile down the profiles and it looks super organized!!

Worst Vendor ever encountered
Never got the application and never got reimbursed for the failure to provide the software. Also not able to contact them. WATCH OUT!!!
Owner's reply

This is very strange that you cannot contact us using our website contact form. It works and our customers use it regularly. In case you have a problem in using that, you can use our paypal email address to contact us. Also, we have checked subscriptions on our site and did not found a transaction with any kind of problem.

Anyway, if you have bought it, give us your paypal email address and we will check the issue immediately.

You can also directly email us on [email protected]


Very nice looking plugin and one of the best support I have ever seen
This applicationa and it's sister applications really give your profile a very nice look. Without these plugins your profile is filled with differend apps.

The support is really awesome and very helpful. They even do help without any problems even if it obvious that the problem with their product is caused by some other software (in my case another template). Really good and professional !

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