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Zurkster Discussion started by Zurkster 2 months ago
Simple..... ASK! and you shall receive. So here's the details...
1. £20 for version v1.01
2. £10 Subsequent revisions published (no two revisions can contain the same version for production APK's)
3. Supply me the following items:
Name of app (max 2x8 characters)
A Logo of your own design (unique) 128px x 120px in PNG or JPG formats only.
A splashscreen (also unique) banner at orientated in a vertical rectangle. at least H -1024px x W-768px.
NOTE: Both images MUST be hosted on your Joomla site in your media manager, suggest creating a folder just for the app images.
The root URL of your website and up to three (3) additional URL's for the click-able (in-app menu buttons.

Proposed audience rating for your website, see below link for more details.

Lastly review the most likely permissions your site will require in accordance with Google's Android application permissions guidelines.

If in any doubt, give me a shout! ;)
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