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a Guest Discussion started by a Guest 5 years ago
If you'll navigate to main stream http://www.jomsocial.com/community

and scroll down a lot (or press MORE button few times), you wll see:
  • 3 hours ago.
  • yesterday
  • 2 days ago
  • 3 days ago
  • 3 hours ago
  • yesterday
Something wrong there. And also stream repeat itself.
Siniša Krišan
Siniša Krišan Hi there

There is a good reason why we always ask you to post on the forums, one of them is you being able to describe issue properly, the other is all support team will see it, and most importantly, issue (as this one) might already be solved on the forum.

Please consider posting in the forums in a future. we do not provide support on the group discussions, private messages, image comments, or...
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5 years ago

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