I copy the Jomsocial ccs for Kunena, I get some stuff to work, but I can't figure out how to box in the user avatar section like the jomsocial.


I want my Kunena to look similar to Jomsocial forum, mainly so it looks great on mobiles. standard Kunena looks confusing on mobiles

j posted a new discussion2 years ago

Styling Kunena to look like jomsocial's forum

Need some help with styling

Kunena + Jomsocial
j has a new profile cover. 2 years ago
j Hi, can you please get one of your coder to compile the Kunena template used on Jomsocial forums.
Then sell it in your web-shop. (Make extra money, is always great).
Your Kunena forum is very clean and nice looking with nice colours and integrate with Jomsocial.
There is no nice clean looking Kunena template for sale on the earth as yours.
Please create and put up for sale, I await to buy ASAP...
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2 years ago

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