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We need more built in Avatars or feature to add our own...

It would be nice to have option to upload more avatar options for new users or to have feature like Moods so we can define new Avatar/Cover combinations for users to pick. Also, it would be nice to have option to define (periodic) time period after which user would be asked to change default/predefined avatar/cover.

Suggestions for the staff

Add counter to JS ToolBar

JomSocial Support Forum - Help for JomSocial Need help with JomSocial? Our support forum with over 100,000 members can help. www.jomsocial.com/forum/tips-tricks/37813-solution-add-counter-on-toolbar-for-friends-groups-photos-videos-and-events

Share option does not appear on activities that are generated by user itself. Which makes sense since that function on activities of other users allows user to share activities of others on its own wall/timeline.
But, there should be option to Share our own posts/activities on other social networks like option for individual photos. Same pop-up should be used. Maybe use different icon like this...
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When user changes default stream filter there should not be a popup with instructions:
"Default filter is saved. For changes to take effect, navigate away from this page and then come back."
Instead, make this info appear as Joomla "message" (displayed like successful login) and apply changes like filters do, without any user interaction.

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