Bug Fix Assign user to group even if the user is a duplicate during import feature.

Bug Fix Imported members should be standard members of the group.

Improvement Friendlier way to assign users to a group.

Bug Fix Hover avatar icon for changing avatar is not centered.


Bug Fix Prevent temporary images from being displayed.

Bug Fix Privacy selector in Photos and videos popup must look like a dropdown.


Improvement Improve video player in Firefox.

Bug Fix Profile video can't be played.


Bug Fix Online indicator overlaping at group announcements.

Bug Fix Group join approval should only be sent to current group admins.

Bug Fix Admin can't access hiden group.

Bug Fix Closed group details should be visible to general public.

Improvement Update group create & edit form.


New Add complete ban feature to event.

Bug Fix Lists are not styled properly in event description.

Modules and Applications

Bug Fix Photos module show photos that shouldn't be seen by user who don't have enough permission.

Bug Fix Fix pagination for Member Search module.

Bug Fix Members Search module does not work on Search pages.

Bug Fix Kunena plugin have wrong routing.

Bug Fix Top members module does not respect count setting.


Bug Fix Message when admin approval is enabled is wrong.

Bug Fix Registering with Facebook, allows user to bypass profile type.

Bug Fix Disable "Next" button once it is clicked.

Activity Stream

Bug Fix When user is banned, the content posted in comments should be removed too.


Bug Fix Saved search containing profile type will not work.


Bug Fix Support alphabetical country field sorting in foreign languages.

Bug Fix Fix for mutual friends plural count.

Bug Fix Replace hardcoded text from photo comments module.

Removed Remove duplicate strings for moods.


Bug Fix Cant reposition cover on mobile devices.

Bug Fix "More from this user" layout in mobile view is broken.

Bug Fix Avatar rotate feature is not working on handheld devices.


Bug Fix Featured users filter is missing.

Bug Fix Original moods shouldn't be replaced on update.

Messaging & Notifications

Bug Fix Fix warnings in some emails.

Bug Fix Fix the issue with attachments in private messages stored to S3.

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