Bug Fix Warning and error messages on cover and avatar upload fade to fast.

Bug Fix Avatar cropping and repositioning not working at RTL layouts.

Bug Fix Fix for custom profile fields ordering.

Bug Fix Cannot change avatar from profile page.


Bug Fix Lapsed time on albums is wrong.

Bug Fix Photos deleted from admin area still remain on the server.


Bug Fix Videos that are deleted, still remain on the server.

Bug Fix Do not allow same video to be linked more than once.


Bug Fix Upon group approval, automated email directs user to /administrator.

Bug Fix Announcement tab show Discussions if admin user is not a member of the group.

Bug Fix Visual improvements for files uploaded in group.

Bug Fix Avatar is to close to discussion text on the discussions list.

Bug Fix User should be able to tag all group members in the posts and comments.

Bug Fix Editing a group breaks the cover.


Bug Fix Pending Event Invitations throw the warning and notices.

Bug Fix Fix the wrong event category ID number.

Modules and Applications

Bug Fix User tags are not shown properly on video and photo comment modules.


Bug Fix Issues with multi profile options.

Bug Fix Add pagination in backend when needed.

New Feature Add private messages flood limit setting to AntiSpam configuration.

Bug Fix Respect the profile likes option.

Activity Stream

Bug Fix Deleting uploaded video from backend doesn't remove stream entry.

Bug Fix Remove option to share Kunena-related activities.

Bug Fix Invalid link for featured videos.

Bug Fix Missing URL for featured videos.

Bug Fix Line breaks on postbox turn into /n when switching from various post modes.


Bug Fix Advanced search does not work within the same date range.

Messaging & Notifications

Bug Fix Tagging a user when linking the video should also create notification for tagged user.

Bug Fix Tagged user notification email have broken links.

Bug Fix Admin approval email contains _QQQ_ characters, rendering links wrong.

Bug Fix Notification email for comments in events is empty.

Bug Fix Double link in private message email notification.


Bug Fix Select all checkbox on inviting friends popup is not full working.


Bug Fix If multi profiles are enabled, registration progress bar disappears after selecting profile type.

Bug Fix sh404sef - Photo page goes to 404 when this plugin is enabled.

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