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Wish there was more written documentation.
I just purchased this template, and there is very little documentation that specifically covers the jomsocial aspects of installation. Very frustrating. Very poor customer support- long response time.
Owner's reply

We have a comprehensive wiki that covers every aspect of JomSocial, the template has documentations for the template itself.

Please visit our wiki:



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Socialize Template Menu Bar
I wanted to have socialize template menu bar the same like Linkedin menu bar. That menu only appear after successful login to the site.
The current template style is really out of date. It should be in new design. User login menu is ok to have on the top. But the logo and top menu bar should be remove and fix to the login menu at all.
The template should also include footer menu instead of top menu. Please make some changes on this template for better GUI.

With best wishes,

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Wonderfull !
Very nice template, the best one if you want a real community site ! So easy to install, a lot of options, I'm so happy to use it ! You need to have this template !!!

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Clumpsy and clunky with....
I've used Socialise v2 now on Jomsocial Pro v4.1.1 Joomla v.3.4.4.

The template settings for the mega theme editor could be allot more informative on the popup descriptions, (a problem across the whole JS range) where the popup simply parrots the option title. (USELESS) So unless you're in the development team and have a good working knowledge of the respective UI options, JS fails miserably to inform the administrator about the option parameters.

The Socialise v2 English language files require quite a few spelling and punctuation corrections, so as not to look unprofessional on your site's front end SomSocial UI language constants.

On a positive note however I have to admit that if you're starting out in the JS social community website development, you could do allot worse than using JomSocial. the core as of v4.1.1 is remarkably stable and performs well on my budget server array.

Support is slow and communications can become crossed because of the inherent lack of live support (an essential part of any busy support website).

Conclusion: I like and promote both JomSocial and Socialise v2, but there are areas of the service that could be improved for both the customer and efficiency of the support infrastructure.


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Very good template for jomsocial
Very good template for social site whit JomSocial, I like up bar user whit avatar.
The are some bug style whit dark theme

The template looks clean and functional
That is one clean and funstional template for Jomsocial. When will be the Jomsocial 4 compatible version be released?

Color Interface
How about creating a module that lets you change the color of everything in jomsocial so we can make it fit the templates we create or purchase elsewhere? Unless your template is based on white or very light colors I have had nothing but nightmares getting jomsocial to look good...

Create a back end that lets you set the hex colors of all text, boarders, backgrounds. That would be worth $100
Owner's reply

Hi David,
You must have read our mind, that's exactly what you will be able to do in Jomsocial 4 and socialize. We have jamb packed some awesome new options into socialize and made it even easier to customize


About users extra curriculum activities and social talents.

Bug in Demo
In Demo informs 3 messages, but in poppup not have the buttons:
"Mark as read" or "Disable" (like facebook) then the number 3 never reset

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