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Well this certainly was the most seductive option... in appearance
I purchased the bundle -- wanting only the jomsocial part for integration with rockettheme's Gantry 4 metropolis template for a whopping $50, thinking that based on the nice showcase, I would be all set.

52 hours to get my download after I paid for it and 7 email exchanges and 10 download attempts later, I get it by email labeled version 1.0. When I install it, it's sheer chaos -- the js folder is missing from what they sent (so I have to try and dig stuff up while waiting for them to respond with files), and reactive behavior is out of sync with my joomla template so main template has condensed to 460 wide while jomsocial is at 648 wide, off screen and overflowing from the site template -- and doesn't get back in sync until browser window has gone from 768 to 520 pixels. Even then, stuff is messy. I asked about trying out their extension that makes jomsocial responsive instead but no response as of yet.

Photos posted on their site at ... emails sent. Plata spent and not convinced that I have any use for the product. Now it might be fine inside of their own joomla template, which they market in a bundle, but independent integration in jomsocial is a disaster in my case.

Maybe I got the first beta v.1.0, or a late alpha or something... but I would caution anyone who thinks this is going to sort out jomsocial component responsive behaviour for them inside of a responsive joomla template to seek other avenues -- for the moment anyway.

If I get to try the extension version, and it works, hopefully I can write a really good review to make up for this rant!

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mojoom is a scam
I bought mojoom (same company), never worked. They no have user manual, no support, publish 30 days warranty but have never met the warranty. Searching the internet I found dozens of complaints of people cheated. Too bad I did not seek the views before paying, money thrown away

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