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but how about JS 2.2 compatibility ?
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Sorry, i wasnt notified about your post here.
All of the suburbaNS plugins were literally updated to be 2.2 compatible two days after first public beta was released, so yeah, it was compatible long time ago :)



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Youre welcome :)


Just a hint
I am one of the people that start wondering about the quality of a product, when you hide away information like for example pictures and demos.
Forcing me to make a profile and to fill our 20 different information fields before I was allowed made me stop my buying process.
So this review is not about the product itself since I never got to see it, but about the way you want to force customers instead of attracting them ;)
Hope you think about that in the future.
Best regards - Your lost customer
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You can create the free account any time you want, you don't even have to verify your email address.

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