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commercial... this mp3 player is basic
this plugin use free flash player.
can you do abetter mp3 player ?

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Excellent Product
I have been looking for a music player for a while now. I used others but this is the best so far. Support is excellent.

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Perfect plugin with excellent features
This plugin integrate perfectly in JS for thoses who want music & podcast in their site. It's commercial but i guess the price is very correct compared to the added value of the plugin

I really appreciate the parameters of this plugin (podcast, for example)

Moreover, i expected to add a 1px player in the activity stream when a member add a mp3 in his playlist. I asked for a feature request in the morning, get a hack in the afternoon, implemented and tested with success at the 1st run ! (feature to be implemented in next release i guess)

1 weaknesse but this not jeopardize my 5 stars:
-during upload, the spinning arrow do not indicate time remaining for completion....

I hope now a future version to support distant hosting (S3 Amazon..)

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does not work at all
been through all recommendation on the forum, but it still does not work. I dont want to be busy with a simple plugin like this for hours... 14 Euro down the drain
Owner's reply

Hello, sorry but according to your host setup, this can require some settings to be accurate. Too bad you did not ask for support in our forum. See you there ;)


Cant reduce size of player
I bought this player but unfortunatly you cant reduce the size of the player... so if you want to use it on the side of jomsocial it is too small... you have to fit template to player... very sad!

Hi it will be good to have an html5 compatible player, it s time !

Thank you
Owner's reply

Yes, it has now been rewritten as a HTML5 player component. Give it a try.

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