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This module installed with no problem however it is not fetching thumbnails

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Fix missing thumbnails
To correct the thumbnail issue go to plugins/community/latestvideo.php at about line 80 change:
::" height="45" width="45" alt="title; ?>" src="images/thumb; ?>"/>
::" height="45" width="45" alt="title; ?>" src="thumb; ?>"/>

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Thumbnail View
Did anyone figure out why thumbnails don't show? Of is there another module which will do the same thing and show the latest "Group" video as a module to be place on any page/location?

Broken in Joomla 2.5
Webpage will not load with module enabled.

Latest Video Module
This module needs to be thrown out in a recycle bin. The bad module!

Solution For Thumbs
You will find this in 2 places in modules/mod_latestvideo/mod_latestvideo.php

$html .= ' thumb.'"

Change to:

$html .= ' thumb.'"

and it will fix the issue.

Joomla 1.7
Blank page with Joomla 1.7

Fixed Thumbnails
one other person mentioned how to fix the issue but didn't correctly state the solution. The reason it happens is because the file is not pointing to the image folder and to solve that you will have to do the following. I have it working just fine I just wish that that you could sort by category, popular, views and random.

1. Go to your modules folder via your favorite ftp
2. Go to mod_latestvideo
3. open mod_latestvideo.php
4.Go down to line 67 look for src="images'
5. change it to src="'
6. now go to line 71 and change src= to the same as above.
7. if you are having a problem find src= do a search for all using your fav editor.
8. Now save and upload to your ftp
9. You may also use firebug to see that the image path is incorrect.

Furthermore you can change your image size and add anything else you need here as well.

$html .= ' thumb.'" class="avatar hasTipLatestVideo" title="'.JText::_('TITLE').': '.$data->title.''.JText::_('DURATION').': '.cFormatDuration($data->duration).''.JText::_('VIEWS').': '.$data->hits.'" style="padding: 2px; border: solid 1px #ccc;" />';
$html .= ' thumb.'" title="'.$data->title.'" style="padding: 2px; border: solid 1px #ccc;" />';

Works Great!
Works great for me, although I had to make some changes before thumbnails started working.

For the reviewers above, a small fix will help get the Thumbnails working:
The url for the Thumbnail lists /images/images/video/1/.... instead of /images/video/1/.... So we have to remove the extra /images directive

File: /modules/mod_latestvideo.php

Change Beginning of Line 55 FROM:

$html .= ' thumb.'"


$html .= ' thumb.'"

(Basically we are removing the extra /images)

Change Beginning of Line 59 FROM:

$html .= ' thumb.'"


$html .= ' thumb.'"

Problem with thumbnails
I confirm having the same problem. A shame as it will help promote the video section throughtout the rest of the joomla site.

Please fix it!!!!

not loading thumbnails
I'm having the same issue. It doesn't load any thumbnails! Has this been solved yet?

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