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Nice idea, but it does update the "Latest" videos
If there is ever an update to this module, I would be very happy to have it.

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doean't work!
It doesn't work with 1.6.285 :(
Owner's reply

It should work... If you are having issues, please go to our support forum at


Good module once works
It is a very usefull module for any Joomla/Jomsocial site. Only problem is that it doesn't work right from installation and needs some tweaking in the code before it displays thumb of the videos. Once that is done, it works like a charm. It would be really noce if developer could read all of the above comments and make those changes in the code :-)

How to get it working
I tried the suggestions in the threads previous to this one and still could not get the thumbnails to work. Finally I ran across this thread and thought I would post it here to help others:

This one works well and the thumbnails are showing now

Works great
I had to add some code (found in the forum) to show thumbs, which I believe is a JomSocial 2.0.X conflict, but it's working great now.

I do have a question re: my videos vs group videos. Is there a way to restrict? If not, this would be a great feature in the future.

Useful module
Great module , fast install and easy to setup. I would only add one option:
Sorting option for videos based on video groups inside of Jomsocial.
It would be killer :-)

Version that works in JS 1.8!
Look here and use the attached file. In my case it works perfectly!


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