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This Module and JS 2.0.2
This Module do not work with JS 2.0.2 :-(

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Beautiful ---
Still works great in 2.0.5!

And its free. Even better!

Thank you. A million Thank Yous.

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doean't work with 1.6
Unfortunatly doean't work with 1.6.285 :((
Owner's reply

I have installations on both 1.6.283 and on 1.6.288 and the module is working fine and as expected. i don't have a 1.6.285 install.

Take the time to use the forums here:

and we will try to get a resolution to your issue.


Restricted access when clicking a thumb
The Thumbs in module are visible but whe i click on it i get a message that i have no access.

I set Module to "public" - why does the module show images but when i click it i get a no access message ?

Jomsocial 2.0.4

It works
It just works, BTW on mod_community_photos.php on line 85 it just needs a ?php after width in order to get the specified width

Here's the correct line

" src="thumbnail; ?>" alt="caption;?>" width="" height="" />

500 error when clicking Back to album
If I visit a photo from the js front page as a guest and then click Back to album, it works fine. If I click on a photo from this module, then click Back to album, I get an error 500.

JS front page route puts me at:

module router puts me at:
and THAT gives an error.

great module
this module works fine with JS 1.8.10 !! Please make it as default module for JS !

Good Module To Have
I am glad I found this module. I don't know why it is not a standard JS module. It works very well.

I posted a forum thread that shows how to adapt the module to work with your Amazon Web Services hosting service, if you are using it. You can see that thread here:


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