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Simple and easy
Nice, simple and easy. No errors.

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Great and simple
Great and simple to use tool. I strongly recommend this app.

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Grate little app
Simple to use,I can add my own branding and it's free - what else do you need?!

JomSocial 3 compatibility ?
Is jPhotoUp compatible with JomSocial 3 ? Or any plans for this in the future ?

Great free app
Great way to extend Jomsocial portal. Feature: I can add my custom branding to app

Very good app, simple as it should be. It helped me upload photos on my Joomla based web portal.

adds feature that is quite useful
Very robust and well developed app. Adds very important feature to jomsocial (uploading photos from mobile) that these days is almost indispensable when everybody is on mobile.
Particularly I like an approach that allows to adjust the app to my needs (i.e. configure).
Configuration is quite easy and no need to do any coding to get things running.
What is missing is android support. Some options to do image editing would also be a plus. However for now I think it does what it is supposed to do very well.

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