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Pequeño error
Hola, sera que sabes porque sale en el back end las traducciones con un CC al lado, por ejemplo CC CONFIGURATION y toda palabra va acompañada de un CC,se ve algo mal.


To many file ask for overwrite
Hello the are a problem, I, dont know what to do when moving file from
2.-Cargar los archivos en las capetas MODULES y APPLICATIONS en: /administrator/language/es-ES one file apear tha exist already and ask for overwrite, what to do in this case?

And once again:
3.- Cargar los archivos en la carpeta XML en: /plugins/community
other file called
friendslocation.xml ask for overwrite
and the file latestphoto ask for overwrite again,
and wall.xml
Feed xml too.
group.xml and many more, in my case I set tu overwrite everithing but I don't know the next problem after that, i hope you can tell me what going on with this, because you have make great extension, thank you very much.
Owner's reply

Overwrite them....


Problem with translation of site file
Just a small problem in the file "es-ES.com_community.ini" which is under your directory "Site" and is copied to "language\es-ES".
Under the "#register email send" section there is a miss "CC " on the line ACCOUNT DETAILS FOR.
This will result in a problem when the user receives the account authorisation email that will have "CC ACCOUNT DETAILS FOR" as the subject.
Regards and thanks for the translation.

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