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Awful experience
Terrible experience. I did not expect from an application fee. It has a friendly configuration is not scalable. Especially, the treatment of developers is very bad. The satisfaction guarantee is a lie. They dont refund anything.
I have bought several add-ons from other developers and they are the only ones with whom I have had problems.

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It does what it says it does but...
It would be very helpful if it had some sort of validatiion of the fields system.

Hi All, i agree with these comments, the developer has not responded to any mails on his forum, customers are having to pull the module apart themselves to get it working, I would definitely say "DO NOT BUY THIS " it does not work with the latest version of jomsocial !!

Aweful - the developer has abandoned his customers - not a single post for over a year
Do not Buy this - latest joomla and jomsocial not supported

Simple and excellent
This plugin works fine for me. It is nice and very useful for sites like ours. ..thanks :) A+++

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