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User Reviews - Simple JomSocial Menu

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I Love this tool!
Hi! I´ve been using this plugin with jomsocial 1.6 - hope there will be an update fpr 1.8 - it´s really great!!!


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JomSocial Menu
This add on does exactly what it says. Very simple to execute. If you want to add menus in the JomSocial Toolbar to point anywhere, this is the add on.

Way out of date
Seems this is way out of date and probably ought to be removed from listings!

Does this work?
Was there something made to replace this for the newest JomSocial? Or will this work with it?

Helloo..is it compatible with J1.7 and latest jomsocial?

Does what it says on the package...
...simply and easily. Just remember to choose a menu in the plugin or your site will break :-)

Much Needed and VERY Simple!
Thank you for this plugin I was going though manually coding when I stumbled across this and 5 minutes later I had exactly what I wanted.

Very good work!

simple and effective
very needed plugin for every jomsocial site
you can simple use it as FAST LINKS to other part of the site from the jomsocial network...


You are a genious!
Simple, effective, and free!!!!!
This plugin solves a key gap in Jomsocial configurability, well done mate!

I had installed a Jevents plugin for Jomsocial as well and is the only tab i could not remove with your plugin because the Jevents is a custom add-on. If you have a suggestion on how to manage that also, it would be great!

thanks for such a useful piece of software!

What a wonderful & Useful Delight!
A very lightweight and easy to use addon that works flawlessly! This saved me a ton of troubles in hacking up my jomsocial. With this plugin I can easily do it from the joomla menu system end.

A Million thanks PJ! An absolutely wonder must have for those who want to extend their jomsocial menu structure safely and guard against hacking so updating would be easier!

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