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The plugin has some bugs... but most of all the support is almost non existent
I have posted some help requests on the support forum of this developer without receiving any answer. The plugin does work but it has some compatibility bugs and support is a must for this kind of extensions.

If you are not a programmer able to solve the bugs by yourself I wouldn't suggest to buy this plugin... it could be painful.
Owner's reply

The extension is up and running though we're sad that we couldn't support the client issue earlier than Monday morning due to the weekends.

After looking into your website, I found tons of third parties' components with several hundreds of plugins installed. How can I make my products to be compatible with nearly ten thousand Joomla extensions out there? I did wrote clearly on my website a list of extensions supported but you seemed did not read it.

If I could read this rude review sooner, I wished I would have refunded you and not provided our best support and advice on how to remove the garbage of mess of extension you installed on your testing website.

Would you regret writing such a crude review for the product after our support ?

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