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OnLine Registration
Great application, developer responds within 24 hours to issues. constant updates with new features. allows my site to have online registration for events with a click to see who is going. the cool part is your registration act shows up in the JomSocial activity stream. I plan to keep this for my Jevents calendar full of 'Pay to attend' and'Major events'. I will use the new JomSocial event application to allow members to make impromptu events and community initiated gatherings. I cant wait to have JomSocial events app and this event app working side by side. email me if you want more input on this. I recommend this product if you have structured events and need a professional way to manage them.
Greg O'Connor

This plugin REQUIRES jEvents - so its really not an ad-in more than it is a plugin or (face) to jevents which is free.

The software requires that you double your input, ie the event must pre-exist in Jevents before you can add it into DT Register.

Using this software is extremely complicated, with alot of things I feel should be automated alot easier.

Missing functionality for reporting - there is a cvs export function within, but its not an export you would want to print for use. Recording event attendees is still done for the most part by paper.... huge waste of peoples time and a lack of insight.

Event pricing -- this could be so much simpler, I like that they have almost all payment methods supported, however the payment types for events, as well as the payment types available, are difficult to navigate through.

Links and information - Kind of tell it was done by a coder, there is zero sex appeal to the front end, its not quite as blunt as Jevents, but pretty darned close.

Technical support - the fact that their site is glitchy doesn't speak well for them.
All the material is in the form of poorly designed online videos. no text walk-through's

I does what it says, with some massaging..... still I would recommend checking some other ones before committing to this.
Owner's reply

First, this plugin is part of the DT Register component, so that is of course required. While JEvents is currently required also, DT Register is FAR more than an "add-in" to JEvents. There is absolutely NO "double input". Two components are used, but nothing is entered in two places. To say otherwise is a lack of understanding. JEvents handles ONLY the event name, date and time. DT Register does all the real work and provides more event registration power than any other solution... by a long shot. JEvents will not be required anymore with DT Register 2.7 which is coming very soon (fall 2010).

Our video tutorials are very helpful and we get great comments on them all the time. They cover every aspect of using our product in detail. Our support is solid, as noted in review after review on the JED. Glitchy website? Uh, ok... whatever :)

The CSV export is highly customizable to give you exactly the data you need.

Yes, lots of payment options available... even able to specify various payment options PER EVENT. It's not complicated if you follow instructions and watch the setup video :)

Frontend is also highly customizable in regards to what data is shown. Also fully editable with one CSS file for styling.

Anyway... DT Register works as a powerful tool with or without JomSocial, but our two JS plugins allow your users to see activity and history within the user experience of JomSocial. See our site for more details and more accurate info than the above review... which actually had nothing to do with our JS plugin actually, interestingly enough :)

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