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Absolutely Terrible
After installing this PLUGIN I find that nearly half of the functions don't even work. I can't delete an appointment. When you click on week or day view, although it gives an option to choose the day or the week date, it doesn't change when you pick a different date. You are pretty much stuck on the current date for weekly or daily view.

The worst part is that this is a plugin, not a component. It cant be adjusted or anything. It works as is.

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I purchased this software and for three weeks now my account has been "Pending" which makes it impossible to download the file. I have made multiple attempts to contact the company with no response. I have even posted on their Facebook wall multiple times only to have my comment erased, still with no attempt to resolve the situation or even contact me.

The Joomla and JomSocial community is better than this, and anyone who takes money and does not supply a product in return needs to be called out.

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Poor plugin and terrible support
Hello. I purchased this plugin and i found several problems:
1) if user submit an appointment with start date subsequent to end date, the plugin doesn't give any error message and store the appoinment;
2) no support fully multilanguage website, but it translate only a part on content. So you can ahve a part in english and other part on your language;
3) plugin doesn't send notification to appointment's sender about confirmation or not;
4) i asked to their support to solve the problems (no feature request but bug) about points 1 and 2 and after many days they don't reply and above all fix them. (fix only partially the problem n. 2).

So the idea is great, but plugin and support not!
Owner's reply

all bug is fixed if you update to current versions and follow up the forum.

please read our term of service.

- will not make modifications to our products for free. Modifications are part of our professional services. If you need an immediate modification, please contact our professional services. If there is something that you would like added to the package that you do not need immediately, we can add it to our list of product requests. Please note that we receive requests frequently so we cannot guarantee that your request will be added in a timely manner.

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