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Not only a great chat system, but also a great interface enhancement
I bought CometChat for the Facebook-style chat features, which integrates beautifully with JomSocial to show you your online JomSocial friends in a chat bar pegged to the bottom of the browser window. And it does that job so well, that if it did nothing else, I would have been delighted with my purchase. But no, it opens so many more possibilities to enhancing the user interface of your site. Just by making some simple modifications to the config file, you can quickly add your own custom toolbar icons for either shortcuts to your commonly-used content, or for gorgeous toggled window displays of information that becomes available on every page. I have links to my homepage, user's profiles page, new forum posts and even badged notifications of new private messages.

The user interface is simply gorgeous, and my visitors love it.

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Very easy instructions to follow. Although you might want to explain how to change CHMOD settings for the files/folders that require 777. I was fine with this but not all people will follow it.

The install was seamless. I would suggest this jomsocial addon to anyone. Well done.

We have been using CometChat now for a good couple of years and couldn't be happier.

Seriously good product, and most importantly for us, there's obvious and strong signs of continued development.

Highly recommended.

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