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Very Mickey Mouse!
I've been working on this for over 12 hours and can't get the module to show up on my template. I'm using the MediaMogul Template from RocketThemes. JomSocial works great, but not this module.

No luck at all. So far this is a waste of $45+ I may ask for a refund.
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Hi, Have you added a ticket to our system ? Our Devs can help you set it up..

Its critical that you setup the targeting correctly to see the ads.. Also note that you wont see your own ads.
The module wont be seen if there are no ads to show.

You can set some 'Alternate Ads' which can be shown to any one ( i.e. Guests as well) Typically Alternate Ads are shown when no matching ads are found.


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Very Nice
I have to say I do like Social Ad's a lot, it is a little basic looking but it serves its function really well and can be modified easily, lets not forget that this solution comes at a very low price tag. Installation is problem free as is making modifications to the files. I also like it because its a no brainer for members to create ad's quickly, there's nothing complicated in the process.
You simply setup the profile fields you want advertisers to use in targeting and they choose which ones they want to use, its that simple. I had my wife try it and she has very limited internet experience and made an ad in 5 mins tops! Am also impressed with TechJoomla support, relatively quick responses considering the time zone is 6 hours in advance of me.
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Thank you for your excellent review. Your feedback helps us to improve our extension.

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