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backend Jomsocial component access management

6 years 3 months ago
JomSocial Expired

Hi, usually Joomla extensions have an "option" button where at the very least "permissions" can be set (and also component specific settings).

In these "options -> permissions" it is possible to determine who (which user group) has access to the component. Basically, the entire component can be "switched off" for certain backend users, so that the component link is not even visible in the component menu.

But I cant see such an "option/permission" option for the Jomsocial component.

How is that handled in Jomsocial?


6 years 3 months ago
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Hi there.

I'm very sorry but this's not possible out of the box and it will require php code modifications which are beyond our support scope. So maybe you could consider hiring a professional php develope for this task, check our developers page here for list of recomended freelance developers > You can also propose that idea to our uservoice page here > and if this feature will be popular within our customers, then maybe our devs will consider it as future improvment.

Bassicaly it should be achieveable with Joomla's ACL, however JomSocial at this moment don't support it.

I'll leave this thread open, maybe someone from the community will came up with some ideas.

6 years 3 months ago
JomSocial Expired

That is a joke. That is as simple as it can be and standard for any (except Jomsocial then as it seems) for any Joomla component. Just look at what other's do and learn from them.


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