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    1 hour 11 minutes ago

    Koyal International Fraud Training and Consulting: Gründung Integrität im Geschäftsverkehr

    Koyal International Fraud Training and Consulting Group umfasst die Top-Ranking Beratern und Experten mit über 125 Jahren Erfahrung in der Fraud-Management. Abdeckung 82 Ländern in der Gegenwart, gehören die folgenden Koyal Dienstleistungen:

    Erstellen einer Betrugsabteilung eines Unternehmens. Das macht den Krieg gegen den Betrug ein taktisches Job, wo gut ausgebildete Personal widmen sich den Herausforderungen frontal und nicht als Teilzeit-oder Nebenerwerb Aufgabe, wo andere wichtige Anliegen wird man die Wirksamkeit reduzieren zu erfüllen.

  • Saovry
    1 hour 51 minutes ago

    Any problems happen with Jomsocial + Joomla 3.3.6? Someone can tell in here.

    Karl I only know about Bugs in Joomla 3.3.5... If you had Joomla 3.3.4 and updated via automatic update in Joomla backend to Version 3.3.5 yesterday you are not able to update to 3.3.6. You have to manually do this via Extension Install and the Joomla update file 3.3.5 to 3.3.6. And some pepole told in Joomla forums about big problems after Update to Version 3.3.5. As far a can tell I had troubles with my Joomla Testsite (3.3.5). If I tried to open my Site via Browser I got a blank screen or the site was frozen... I don´t exctly if this caues by Database Errors within the Joomla Update to 3.3.5 or an other Error cause I updated to the new Version of JFBC from sourcecoast too. I tried to Update my site to Joomla 3.3.6 meanwhile but I didn´t had the time to check if there are furhter problems wit joomla itself or other components....

    By the way - If you have not updated your Joomla Version 3.3.4 you are able to Update via Joomla automatic Update to 3.3.6.
    1 hour 8 minutes ago
  • Danny shared 2 photos in Suggestions for the staff

    Something like this in the Wall please... - feeling tired

  • Cristiano Merav
    5 hours 33 minutes ago

    Hello Merav,

    Do you have some images of the new design frontend Jomsocial?

    Karl That´s fine Merav
    I think you are able to get one from your team ;-)
    28 minutes ago
  • Michal Dluzak JomSocial TIPS & TRICKS
    14 hours 47 minutes ago

    If you don't like gray box and a video inside of it, you can expand your videos to fit 100% of their container. Just apply this little css trick:…

    And video will become responsive too - feeling blessed

    Access Denied - JomSocial Forum - JomSocial Open Source Social Networking Software. Award winning open source community software by JomSocial. This social networking software is widely used by many Joomla users.
  • Saovry
    14 hours 51 minutes ago…

    Saovry The status doesn't show the thumbnail from youtube
    14 hours 50 minutes ago
  • Amit
    16 hours 1 minute ago

    Forgot password not working helpme with this issue

    Michal Dluzak I already answered in forum thread This is template issue...
    15 hours 42 minutes ago
  • Andrew JomSocial TIPS & TRICKS
    17 hours 14 minutes ago

    Not sure if this fits in here, but anyway I was wondering if the support section of the JomSocial site is a custom ade thing or something available for others to use as it is quite a neat support desk solution!

    Sinisa Hi guys

    Our support pages are fork of Kunena forum.
    We customized it so much that is now easily a completely different product, specialized for support. Unfortunately fork code is not available publicly, but we do have very good communication with Kunena guys and we already offered them a complete code to review and implement some things if they find it useful.

    You can freely ask them if they are going to use some of our modifications.
    2 hours ago 1
  • Saovry
    18 hours 44 minutes ago

    Does someone make Jomsocial is a date site? Could you share to me in here?

    Saovry thanks you
    15 hours 13 minutes ago
  • Saovry JomSocial TIPS & TRICKS
    18 hours 46 minutes ago

    Does someone make Jomsocial is a date site? Could you share to me in here?

    Saovry Could you share your site to me?Cristiano
    2 hours 12 minutes ago
  • Dalvio JomSocial TIPS & TRICKS

    Magic Mike! It would be great to have a hack that turns search inside discussions possible. JS is such a outstanding tool, but without that feature it becomes seriously handicapped. I've cried when saw you recommending Kunena for that in…

  • Dennis JomSocial TIPS & TRICKS

    Hello Magic Mike,
    instead of providing all these tips and tricks as hacks, this should be part of core jomsocial!

    Sinisa You guys know that there is a troubleshooter tool which list all modified files in your jomsocial installation.
    JomSocial -> Troubleshooting -> Modified Files

    (oooops... i just slipped the 3.3 screenshot but the tool is available in 3.2 as well)
    1 hour 54 minutes ago
  • Michal Dluzak JomSocial TIPS & TRICKS

    Another Magic Mikes hack allows you to display (only for event owner, Admin and Super User) additional box that contain avatar list of users that clicked "Not attending" option in event:… - feeling blessed

  • Eric Tracz added a video.
    2 days ago

    it was a nice day

    Michal Dluzak You must LOVE that pool... it seems that you spent most of your time in it Eric z Krainy Deszczowców?…
    yesterday 1
  • Merav shared a photo.
    2 days ago

    Looking for inspiration? Check out this great looking social network built with JomSocial:

    "Dubai's favourite site on the web to connect and socialise with all your "brunch buddies""…

  • siti uploaded a new Profile cover

    2 days ago

  • Michal Dluzak JomSocial TIPS & TRICKS
    2 days ago

    As we know Location field is mandatory for Events. But sometimes your Community has on-line events... and On-Line location displays a place somewhere in Canada. I have cure for this Check out my hack here:… - feeling blessed

    alfredo yep but make the "managers" understand they have to type exactly "On-line event" its kind of impossible to me
    what about a checkbox?
    16 hours 20 minutes ago
  • Eric Tracz shared a photo.
    3 days ago

    Pool on fire.

    Michal Dluzak A boy that plays with fire.. and fire walk with me...
    2 days ago
  • Eric Tracz shared a photo.
    3 days ago

    Matt Jaworski and I made sushi!

    Merav I'd like to invite myself next time please
  • Paul shared 3 photos in the Paul's Photos album
    3 days ago

    Had an amazing weekend floating around Sydney Harbour on Sunday. summers coming yipeeeeeeeeeeeee what did everyone do on the weekend - feeling excited

    Merav Was hanging out with my nieces!
  • testcouch
    3 days ago

    Why does Joimsocial Albums show "Profile's cover" instead of "testcouch's cover" like it works for "testcouch's Photos"!?… - feeling meh

    testcouch's photos Open Source Social Networking Software. Award winning open source community software by JomSocial. This social networking software is widely used by many Joomla users.
    EveryWishEveryStar Sounds great Sinisa and I totally understand about the name changes being heavy on the server.

    About the cover image. I took a look, and there isn't a way that I can see any way to change or edit the cover albums privacy settings in the backend or even on a per user basis. Where can I find that?
  • alfredo Italian Jomsocial Users
    4 days ago

    piccola correzione COM_COMMUNITY_EVENTS_AVATAR_ONLY="Solo utenti con avatar"

    onimaro Fatto aggiornato pacchetto ^__^
    3 days ago
  • Gary Edmonstone
    4 days ago - feeling excited

  • Merav commented on Craig Luecke's photo

    4 days ago

    Congratulations Craig Luecke ! And thanks for being...

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    5 days ago