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  • Milan
    1 hour 2 minutes ago

    Why there are always so many bugs on my site after I do upgrade, I always have to retest it and find new bugs,

    Milan Sinisa am I suppost to be able to tag you in SAY WHAT IS ON YOUR MIND
    58 minutes ago
  • Phu added a video.
    1 hour 17 minutes ago
  • lisa
    1 hour 23 minutes ago

    visit us @ www,

  • lisa uploaded a new Profile cover

    1 hour 24 minutes ago

  • lisa shared a photo.
    1 hour 25 minutes ago

    test pic

  • testcouch uploaded a new Profile cover

    3 hours 48 minutes ago

  • hugo
    5 hours 40 minutes ago

    I think we are moving
    STARTED Version 3.3 (56%)
    tirelessly working hard?
    working fast? - feeling happy

  • Ивайло Вълков uploaded a new Profile cover

    6 hours 19 minutes ago

  • Saovry shared a photo.
    7 hours 32 minutes ago

    How could I close this popup from notification. Someone can tell the team to fix it.

    Saovry I open it with iphone 5.
    7 hours 31 minutes ago
  • Daniel Soares JomSocial TIPS & TRICKS
    8 hours 33 minutes ago

    Hello, I made the move to a VPS server, but the field in Joomla notice of the following information (The PHP temporary directory is not set)
    Because of this I'm having some problems, does anyone know how to solve this?
    Will be, que this setting is related to WHM or Cpanel?
    The information in the Joomla is (setting this in your php.ini file might fix this problem) but in a way I can fix this?

  • Markus JomSocial TIPS & TRICKS
    9 hours 19 minutes ago

    Did anyone try to run jomsocial with socialize template as webapp on iphone in fullscreen (add to home screen...)? The problem is, all links will opened in a new safari tab and not in the fullscreen mode. i found a few scripts, that should prevent that. but only one script worked for me. And the problem with this script is, that links with href=javascript:void(0) do not work ("write message", "logout"...) Did anyone try this and had success?
    This is the script as described above:

    var iWebkit;
    function fullscreen(){
    var a=document.getElementsByTagName("a";
    for(var i=0;ia.length;i++){
    return fals;
    function hideURLbar(){

    Ups, don´t know how to remove the smileys ;-)

  • Karl
    12 hours 14 minutes ago

    Are there some news about the upcomming Jomsocial 3.3? Pictures, improvements, design, ~Release Date?

    Saovry I am really want to know also.
    11 hours 32 minutes ago
  • Karl
    12 hours 19 minutes ago

    About Events Module
    Are there any settings to show Events froms only one category? Or is there a module which does this can?
    Thank´s for your answers

  • Paul shared a photo.
    14 hours 55 minutes ago

    Who knows what else you can do when you upload a photo from the pop up window in albums. There is another feature that not many people know about. Do you know what it is? -- feeling clever?

    testcouch Do i see now Detail Photos in Full Screen Mode on Mobile Devices? ;-)
    3 hours 45 minutes ago
  • Sinisa uploaded a new Profile cover

    15 hours 28 minutes ago

  • Saovry
    17 hours 1 minute ago

    Admin Announcement

    Everybody ready for JomSocial ?

    Me : just publish it soon for us.

    Karl Does anybody knows which changes are done within the Version
    12 hours 17 minutes ago
  • Dimas Tekad Santosa
    17 hours 23 minutes ago

    got the influenza since 3 days ago.. srott.. - feeling sick

    Dimas Tekad Santosa thank you mate! Eric Tracz
    17 hours 15 minutes ago
  • Admin Announcement

    Everybody ready for JomSocial ?

  • Marcello Role

    Ciao, ho un problema con il mio Jomsocial. Tutte le finestre popup del componente si aprono vuote, completamente bianche. Quale può essere la causa?

  • onimaro replied to Traduzione linguaggio in italiano di jomsocial

    Il coordinatore della traduzione italiana su transifex sono io, anche se...

  • Mario Italian Jomsocial Users

    Ciao a tutti ragazzi,
    esiste che voi sappiate un modulo hellome con layout orizzontale? intendo campi di login cosi' come son fatti sul tema "socialize"
    con tanto di pulsantino per registrarsi

    Mario provo a modificare lo stile del modulo hellome magari
  • Mario replied to Traduzione linguaggio in italiano di jomsocial

    Grazie Mille Onimaro quali sono gli strumenti utilizzati per creare...

  • Mario replied to Traduzione linguaggio in italiano di jomsocial

    Ciao Onimaro!! ma dove posso trovare i file della traduzione?

  • SonjaH uploaded a new Profile cover


  • SonjaH uploaded a new Profile cover


  • mohammad has liked mohammad's Profile

  • testcouch
    2 days ago

    Would you like to renew this license? yes i would but i need still a valid promo code for Renew! - feeling tired

    testcouch Merav yes thats true..but unfortunately i have still only 50 Dollar in my Pocket!
    3 hours 51 minutes ago

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