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  • Spanish Jomsocial Users
    1 hour 12 minutes ago

    Se quieres tener un incremento bestial en tu red jomsocial compra el plugin qué permite a tu usuarios crear peticiones online. La gente podra firmalas e opinar sobre ellas.…

    1 hour 15 minutes ago

    The online petition plugin and module will boost the number of registrations as well as the activities on your network. Let your users be part of great ideas and express their opinion by signing online petitions. Check it out at…

  • Andrew shared a photo in JomSocial TIPS & TRICKS
    7 hours 41 minutes ago

    Why are codes like <iframe> and <script> filtered and removed in discussion creations? how do i enable or allow it to display these codes...

    Michal Dluzak Because they are potentially unsafe - Joomla! clears them too...
    5 hours 2 minutes ago 1
  • Vazgen
    17 hours 19 minutes ago

    in Солнечный, Санаторий

  • JomSocial's Extensions Developers
    20 hours 39 minutes ago

    Hi guys, just to announce the first group sale plugin,…

  • alfredo
    21 hours 27 minutes ago

    I think it's time to add to jomsocial some 'smart' social features, like some auto-email notification:
    - An auto email notification "We miss you on" for the user who didn't login for X months.
    - An auto email notificaion facebook-like "Maybe you know user1, user2" based or simple criteria (groups, friends or coutry field..)

    what do you think?

  • Andrew shared a photo in JomSocial TIPS & TRICKS
    23 hours 47 minutes ago

    i wonder if anyone can help me get the 'position' for the sidebar here ...? i already tried ' cSidebar ' didnt work ... look so empty over there .. preview :…

    Michal Dluzak groups.viewdiscussion.php line 65
    4 hours 48 minutes ago
  • Drazen Show room

    Check my social network and join us if you like good music

  • Merav - updated group, Ask Magic Mike
  • Merav - updated group, Socialize Template

    check this new app, group sale plugin, make your social network a business network…

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    JomSocial's Automated Testing

    At JomSocial we've implemented a comprehensive automated testing to...

  • Goran JomSocial's Translators

    Serbian translation for JomSocial is finished and testing is in progress.

    Michal Dluzak Hvala!
    23 hours 55 minutes ago
  • Michael German Jomsocial Users

    Hallo zusammen,

    Weiss jemand vielleicht, wie ich mehrere Kommentare anzeigen lassen kann als nur den letzten?

    Grüße aus Bielefeld

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  • onimaro JomSocial's Translators

    <copyright>© 2008-2014 - jomsocial-com. All rights reserved!</copyright>

    Sorry Paul, but you made it the translation?

    Paul Hi Onimaro, That is in the xml file that is required to install the plugin in joomla, There is only one reason it has that information in it. If someone downloads the pack and has a problem either with the translation or the package then we have to support it not the translator, therefore our contact information needs to be in the package. This is certainly not an attempt to take away any credit from the great job our translators do for us but i'm not sure what else we could do. What would you like to see in those fields?