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  • Fritzy shared a photo.
    2 hours 56 minutes ago

    BP Holdings Tax Management Review, Balley Price Holdings: Burde du egen virksomhetens lokaler?

  • hugo shared a photo.
    5 hours 24 minutes ago

    We are waiting for the 3.3 version of jomsocial

    Saovry hugo, I am the one is waiting like you too and everyone is Jomsocial's clients are waiting too. I am really tire too. Some time I open this site 6 times or much time that I can in days. And I never for get about Road-map and in here too. I am really want Jomsocial 3.3 will come in this month too but maybe it is hard for their team and they are really need few months to complete Jomsocial 3.3. Asking, it is never can make Jomsocial 3.3 come quickly. Now we should patience more. When they done, they will publish for anyone. Come soon Jomsocial 3.3
    2 hours 42 minutes ago 1
  • Alexey replied to Установка РУС
    7 hours 2 minutes ago

    хех, написал ответ, в нем было _Q.Q.Q_ (без точек), после публикации...

  • Alexey replied to Установка РУС
    7 hours 10 minutes ago

    ПРОБЛЕМА РЕШЕНА! Прокопался пол ночи, но все таки победил))) Если кто то...

  • Alexey replied to Установка РУС
    8 hours 9 minutes ago
  • Petro replied to Установка РУС
    8 hours 16 minutes ago

    обясни как устонавливал язык?

  • Petro Russian Users
    8 hours 18 minutes ago

    Привет. Обясни как установаливал язык ?

  • Alexey posted a new discussion

    9 hours 53 minutes ago

    Установка РУС

    Привет, Помогите с установкой рус.яз. Скачал, установил, но языка нет....

    Russian Users
  • hugo shared a photo.
    10 hours 33 minutes ago

    Eric Tracz nice house.
    3 hours 40 minutes ago
  • Dmitriy posted a new discussion

    14 hours 26 minutes ago

  • Sinisa JomSocial TIPS & TRICKS
    17 hours 19 minutes ago

    Make a super fast self managed server in under half an hour for just $5
    You will be amazed how simple and powerful it is

    Viktor Put yourself a little bit effort and you'll find you can test digital ocean's VPS for free (2 months)
    12 hours 7 minutes ago 1
  • Sinisa
    17 hours 48 minutes ago

    Are you looking for the cheap hosting that is also super fast and allow you total control?
    Start with just $5/month and blow off every other hosting provider right out of their shoes.
    Dive into "self-managed server" world, its not that hard at all.…

  • Dimas Tekad Santosa
    21 hours ago

    neil I test this tag user issue.. please check your email and click the link from that email..(bow)

    Dimas Tekad Santosa and this is from comment neil
    21 hours ago
  • Alexander German Jomsocial Users
    21 hours 20 minutes ago

    Testing the URL fetching - especially the thumbnail generation:

  • Satoshi shared a photo.
    23 hours 11 minutes ago

    Deep Blue Publications Group Review: Rakennus Tietämyksen tulee Ensin

  • Flavius uploaded a new Profile cover

    23 hours 14 minutes ago

  • Danny shared a photo.

  • Dave Jesch uploaded a new Profile cover


  • Dave Jesch uploaded a new Profile cover


  • alfredo JomSocial TIPS & TRICKS

    hi guys, i tried to make an hello world plugin following this doc (community plugin)…
    the plugin installation works, i see the plugin in jomsocial backend, but i can't see the string "hello world" in the profile! How is that possible? are you sure that code is compatible with the current version of joomla/jomsocial?
    that's my attempt:…

  • Theresa uploaded a new Profile cover


  • Theresa JomSocial TIPS & TRICKS

    Is there a way to use the type of Event Schedule calendar located on backend dashboard on the frontend too as the individual group calendars for events in groups?

    Michal Dluzak We rather don't support in Community If you have any inquiry - open a forum thread. No, a small event calendar is displayed only in Events (when displaying all events). It's not a module so can;t be displayed elsewhere .
    22 hours 11 minutes ago
  • Michal Dluzak commented on Craig Luecke's video


    Here is code snippet used in video once again:...

  • Paul shared a photo.

    Happy Monday! So how was your weekend? mine was - feeling pretty

  • Michal Dluzak

    If you want to display certain JomSocial built-in modules or page box for MEMBERS only - use this little but useful hack:… - feeling blessed

  • Michal Dluzak JomSocial TIPS & TRICKS

    If you use JomSocial toolbar for Socialize you may change HOME icon with your own small logo, this is how you can do it:…

    It may require some styling with css after that - feeling blessed

  • Pierre McCarragher replied to Random Avatar Plugin

    This is what i did : if($this-> compareEnd("default.jpg", $curavatar) ||...