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    5 hours 42 minutes ago

  • Gary Ask Magic Mike
    5 hours 43 minutes ago

    Hi, could you let me know how easy it would be to add additional filter options to the activities filter? E.g a filter for 'My Groups'?

  • Paul shared a photo.
    14 hours 42 minutes ago

    Does anyone recognise this? Who can tell me what Jomsocial cost when it was first launched? - feeling shocked

    Craig Luecke I had this. Worst green color ever!!
    12 hours 12 minutes ago
  • Craig Luecke

    Sinisa - How compatible will 3.2 third party extensions be in 3.3? I have kept them at a minimum but curious if your heavy redesign will affect them in some sort of way? There is really only 2 third party extensions I am using all from the same developer involving a new member getting assigned to a group and welcoming them to the community. Thanks!

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  • Michal Dluzak Ask Magic Mike

    You probably not sure what you could ask here So I'll give you a tip: if you'll need a certain feature or module or plugin, ask here if this could be done. I'll take a look if I can do something with it or if it requires extensive developing.

    I'm focused on rather smaller implementation, hacks, modules and plugins that don't involved JomSocial core files to hack...

  • testcouch

    Any news on

  • Saovry

    Now jomsocial 3.3 is 81%. It is no longer we will get it.

    Craig Luecke Thank you for the update. Realizing this is a tough question to answer, but what do you think about a December release? Or do we want to be more realistic about January?
  • Sinisa Ask Magic Mike

    Hello Magic Mike...
    i would like to ask, what will the weather conditions be in Denpasar for February 23rd

    Michal Dluzak According to forecast it will be raining cats and dogs but air will be warm like a borsch soup. At the evening sun will come out waving with rainbow.. A void open spaces at dawn as mosquitos will be asking for drop of Bintang served directly from circulatory system
    yesterday 1
  • Mark Polish JomSocial Users

    Czesc wszystkim

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  • Alan

    Any news on

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  • Steven JomSocial's Extensions Developers

    Alfredo- Great idea, It would serve me as a way to interact with a new user while they are in registration mode, this way I can answer any of their questions before they lose any early interest in my product. Thanks for being on top of this. -Steven Goforth

    alfredo don't get what do you mean "registration mode", but a way to interact with new user could be a welcome private message. Enjoy it…
  • alfredo JomSocial's Extensions Developers
    2 days ago

    Hi guys, since there is nothing similar, I want to make a First-Friend plugin (when a user login for the first time, the plugin make an auto-friend request for me). What do you think is the better way to fire a friend request using a community plugin?
    Please help me, it's a very important feature for me

    alfredo thanks, i tested your plugin, it doesn't work yet, and I don't think I would be able to continue the development, I don't know jomsocial core that well.
    I always thought this…
    was a community plugin, just now I noticed it isn't.
    Anyway it simply handles the first login and sends a pm to the new user.
    Do you think is that hard edit this plugin to add a friend request?
    Even an hardcoded code without any new fields in backend!
    23 hours 23 minutes ago
  • Michal Dluzak change Ask Magic Mike avatar

    2 days ago

  • magimax Italian Jomsocial Users
    2 days ago

    ho caricato l'ultima versione di jomsocial su joomla 2.5 e ho sempre questo problema {actor} ha aggiunto un nuovo evento, %1$s e anche {actor} e {target} sono diventati amici. come posso risolverlo? ho cercato nei vari forum ma non ho trovato la soluzione.
    grazie in anticipo

    Michal Dluzak I'm sorry, my Italian is bad so I write in English. This is rather outdated language file Or if it apply to older post - they used old code for stream so you should fix this directly in db. But start with language file first.

    If you have active subscription - post on forum.
    2 days ago
  • Paul JomSocial's Translators
    2 days ago

    Hi Everyone, We are currently auditing all our translations on transifex . Some of you who are translating for us on Transifex may have seen some changes in the last few days and we have also removed some translators that have not translated anything during the last 12 months. If you have been removed from our project and this is an error please send me an email to paul AT ijoomla DOT com and i can add you again.

    During the next few weeks we will be looking for new translators for specific languages, I will add a list in here once I have it. if you think you might be interested please let me know. I would love to hear from you.

    Morten Hi Paul, I could be interrested in translating in to Danish, depending of the timeline on this.
    22 hours 17 minutes ago
  • Paul shared a photo.
    2 days ago

    Do you use Transifex translations for Jomsocial? We just made things a lot easier if you you do! Download the latest language packs from here… and install it as you would any other Joomla plugin. Now that's Awesome........ Don't forget to install the Joomla language pack first. - feeling excited

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    2 days ago