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  • Tony shared 12 photos in the TEST FOR BUGS album
    6 hours 36 minutes ago

    trying to replicate bugs that are on other sites
  • Tony shared 4 photos in the TEST FOR BUGS album
    6 hours 36 minutes ago

    trying to replicate bugs that are on other sites
  • Milan shared 2 photos in the map test album
    7 hours 21 minutes ago

    Milan Sinisa I have turned the location on, is it what you meant? It is still not working on my site, is the location suppost to be shown on community page as before too?
    7 hours 16 minutes ago
  • Craig Upston uploaded a new Profile cover

    7 hours 36 minutes ago

  • hugo uploaded a new Profile cover

    9 hours 45 minutes ago

  • Arthur shared 2 photos in the Arthur 's Photos album
    17 hours 15 minutes ago

    Mobile upload test

    Arthur CM browser it doesn't. On both browsers its very tedious to make comments and reply. I had to click on reply a few times.
    17 hours 12 minutes ago 1
  • Marcello Role uploaded a new Profile cover

    18 hours 49 minutes ago

  • Marcello Role uploaded a new Profile cover

    18 hours 53 minutes ago

  • maged Albertus
    20 hours 52 minutes ago

    thnaks Albertus , You are awesome

  • maged Merav
    23 hours 22 minutes ago

  • Sinisa commented on Milan's album


    We are not showing the map location on this site, thats why i said, you...

  • nay shared 2 photos in the nay's Photos album

    Terms & Conditions Article Selection is need change in jomsocial back-end. I am waiting for next version update. - feeling happy

    Sinisa I see

    Will try to push this for 3.3 but i cant promise anything.
    21 hours 35 minutes ago
  • Marcello Role

    L'errore è il seguente
    Fatal error: Class '8830_CStorage' not found in //components/com_community/libraries/storage.php on line 29

    Sinisa Please post this on support forum so our support staff can reach you
  • Marcello Role shared a photo in Italian Jomsocial Users

    Oggi si è "rotta" la homepage del mio jomsocial, come da immagine alegata, tutto il resto funzione.
    Qualcuno sa dirmi dove guardare per cercare la causa?

    onimaro Ti conviene chiedere all'assistenza; magari prova a disinsatallare e reinstallare il componente per vedere se risolvi. Prova anche pensare se hai installato qualocosa possa aver causato tale problema.
    7 hours 30 minutes ago
  • Marcello Role shared a photo.

    Today the homepage of my Jomsocial is broken. Can anyone tell me where to look for the cause?

    Marcello Role ok, thanks!!
    18 hours 48 minutes ago
  • hugo

    SERIOUS BUG has shown up after the recent Joomla 3.3.x updates. Cover photos and avatars are repeating in the user stream resulting in an ugly mess. Each time someone makes changes to Their accounts the news stream gets flooded. This requires going into the Admin panel under MONITOR / ACTIVITIES and deleting the multitude numerous posts. Does not matter if its version or Both are doing the same thing. Joomla Just started after the updates.

    Sir: I have the same problem
    Photos multiply

    I have written and I have several times repitido
    forum tells me is fine q

    Here I am testing as
    - operator
    - As well as users

    is the same problem

    please understand





  • Milan commented on this album


    Sinisa thank you for your reply, I have created an...

  • Milan shared 3 photos in the Formula 1 album


    I think the template of this community should be changed to socialize.

  • Saovry shared a photo.

    In here, there is a slideshow of group like in my picture. How could I get it like you have now?

    Albertus login as admin. goto groups page at frontend. at listing you can see the "featured" button. click it. and have a look at all groups page.
    20 hours 38 minutes ago 1
  • zoe uploaded a new Profile cover


  • iliane uploaded a new Profile cover


  • Scot

    Is the support forum down? I am getting a MySQL error.
    "Database connection error (2): Could not connect to MySQL"

    Also, is this community section presently using "Socialize Template" or is this what Jomsocial looks like "out of the box"?

    Basically what I want to know is...If I install Jomsocial what does it look like by itself and does it work with other Joomla 3.3 compatible themes?

    Scot Thanks for the link. Will it look like that immediately upon install? That would be good. The reason I ask is because I am new to working with Joomla and want to play around with module placement, 3rd party theme install, etc...before a live roll out. I think it would be helpful for me if the modules were already placed similar to that of the link, upon install.

    I am experienced with Gantry Framework from Rocket Theme back in my Wordpress days so I thought I would start there as far as themes are concerned.
  • Sinisa commented on Milan's album

    2 days ago

    You need to enter valid location in the field when you create or edit...

  • Rudi Indonesia JomSocial Users
    2 days ago

    Met malam dan salam kenal semua

  • Rudi uploaded a new Profile cover

    2 days ago

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