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  • Peter uploaded a new Profile cover

    less than a minute ago

  • Peter
    36 minutes ago

    Hallo I have a Problem to replay to Posts in the Forum. It show always this: Please enter the email address used to create this post

    Sinisa Hello Peter
    Please go to your account and enter support and install domains WITHOUT www
    12 minutes ago
  • onimaro replied to Calendario in italiano su jomsocial
    1 hour ago 43 minutes ago
    Con la futura versione di jomsocial 3.2 anche questo lato è stato...
  • Craig Luecke
    3 hours 21 minutes ago

    It appears that if you upload 2 or more photos at once they go into Username's Photos folder automatically and thus re-displays the comments for that folder. That would be correct if the folder is for a specific purpose. However, the generic Username's Photos is a catch-all used for single photos so you end up with the non-related comments re-posted that have nothing to do with the photos just posted.

    Hope that makes sense.

    Sinisa It does not work like that Craig Luecke
    We display comments depending on the batch of upload. That means when you upload multiple photos into album, the activity stream item created for that particular activity carries the unique "batchid" All of the comments made to that batchid, will be shown specifically to that particular stream item.
    This means that if you come tomorrow, and upload more photos into same album, another unique batchid will be assigned to new activity that your action created and comments made to previous batchid will not be shown on newly generated streams.
    Finally, all of the comments, regardless of the batchid, will be shown on album page, sorted by the date of creation.
    2 minutes ago
  • Craig Luecke shared 2 photos in the Craig Luecke's Photos album
    3 hours 24 minutes ago

    testcouch Do not see here anything if i click on "Show all 3 Comments" Link!
    1 hour ago 13 minutes ago
  • Craig Luecke shared a photo.
    3 hours 27 minutes ago

    testing a single photo upload ... think I found something.

  • Craig Luecke shared 4 photos in the Craig Luecke's Photos album
    3 hours 28 minutes ago

    Ahhh, just noticed the drop down after uploading the pictures where I can select which folder to place them in prior to hitting POST. Very nice. Testing a 4 picture upload.

    testcouch Do not see here anything if i click on "Show all 3 Comments" Link!
    1 hour ago 10 minutes ago
  • Dave
    15 hours 4 minutes ago

    I am sad that my subscription ends in 13 hours and I won't be able to get the JomSocial 3.2 final. Money's too tight right now to re-subscribe. - feeling sad

    Craig Luecke They may release it tonight. They are on the other side of the earth. I am thinking it will be Thursday. Gut feeling.
    10 hours 15 minutes ago 3
  • jamal shared 6 photos in the jamal's Photos album
    15 hours 45 minutes ago

  • jamal shared 2 photos in the jamal's Photos album
    15 hours 50 minutes ago

    jamal Test comwnt
    15 hours 50 minutes ago 1
  • Craig Luecke

    I for one am GLAD that JomSocial 3.2 hasn't been released yet. I would MUCH rather have it done correctly than have something rushed to meet a deadline. I have full faith in Merav's team. Good to see the community is staying patient. - feeling happy

    Michael Congratulations on your retirement, Craig. Man of leisure now. Enjoy!
    1 hour ago 7 minutes ago
  • Craig Luecke

    Testing news posts ...

    Craig Luecke Very impressive. Great job.
    yesterday 2
  • Kimberly Reed posted a new discussion


  • Saovry

    We we can get a new release... - feeling bored

    SleepyMan Hello. Lots of reported at beta forum bugs fixed? Or some of them will be in release? Thanks.
    21 hours 38 minutes ago
  • Federico uploaded a new Profile cover

    less than a minute ago

  • Federico Italian Jomsocial Users

    come caricare nuove lingue? Una volta installate, vengono caricate in automatico tramite la lingua del browser o devono essere necessariamente impostate dal profilo? Grazie

    onimaro Se prendi il file della lingua che ho caricato nell'addons di jomsocial devi solo installarla tramite l'installer di joomla, su prelevi i file da transifex dovresti inserirli nelle locazioni corrette all'interno delle cartelle di joomla; oltre al fatto che dovrai anche rieditare il nome del file.
    Detto questo, il vero problema se vuoi i campi di jomsocial di registrazione vengano tradotti nelle varie lingue dovrai usare un barbatrucco
  • Federico Italian Jomsocial Users

    consigliate delle addon per jomsocial che ritenete indispensabili?

    riccardo Ci manca una chat seria, nn quella che c'è su add on
  • Federico Italian Jomsocial Users

    Ciao a tutti! Se vi va di dare una occhiata alla mia nuova community e avete voglia di darmi qualche suggerimento, vi ringrazio anticipatamente! Ogni volta che visito il sito mi rendo conto di aver tralasciato cose importanti! Grazie!! Hoibo' non mi crea la thmbnail perchè?????

    onimaro Menu del sito credo credo che sia stato inserito in una posizione sbagliata. il logo dovrebbe reindirizzare alla home del sito, i social e il modulo per cambiare la lingua meglio se impostati in alto a destra; devi vedere dove meglio posizionare le cose. La formattazione dell'articolo è pessima, meglio se lasci un minimo di margine destro tra la foto e il testo.
  • Gavin

    One thing I like about this page is that it doesn't say 'Recent Activities' is that an improvement in 3.2 or does that require a hack ?

    Gavin Thank you it was very helpful!!
    7 hours 52 minutes ago
  • Markus shared a photo.

    jomsocial 3.2: it seems that group and event titles are not shown correct in the activity stream... or is it a german language problem?

    Sinisa I would say its language file issue. Try with english first
  • Milan shared a photo.
    2 days ago

    Craig Luecke Hello Craig

    Sinisa Yep we will Craig Luecke and Milan
  • Craig Luecke shared a photo.
    2 days ago

    Okay, now I am going to tag people AFTER I add the photo to see what happens. Saovry, EveryWishEveryStar, Milan, Merav

    Saovry Hey, Craig Luecke I am thank that you tagged my name...
  • Craig Luecke
    2 days ago

    Going to try this again. Tagging people WITHOUT adding a photo afterwards. Saovry, EveryWishEveryStar, Milan, Merav

    Craig Luecke Testing to see if I can tag a comment Lilith
    2 days ago 2
  • Craig Luecke shared a photo.
    2 days ago

    This is a test of the tagging feature ... Saovry, EveryWishEveryStar, Milan, Merav. Okay, that's pretty cool!

    Sinisa Its simple. the template file for displaying photo stream does not put tags through proper function, therefore they can not be seen. It will be fixed in next release for all 1 photo stream, 2-4 photo streams and 5 photo steams
  • Sinisa commented on the photo Why do i get in RC3 double email and Notification for same Comment??

    2 days ago

    Replicated and already scheduled for bug squashing
    Will be fixed soon.

  • Saovry shared a photo.
    2 days ago

    How could I tag someone's name on comment like Sinisa tagged my name on his comment.

    Sinisa We will try, however, this really is subjective and depends a lot on the server configuration.
    2 days ago

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