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Andrew shared a photo. 22 minutes ago

- feeling shocked

EveryWishEveryStar Suggestions for the staff 3 hours ago 18 minutes ago

We really need to be able to open, view, like, comment and share the full size avatar and cover photos straight from the profile, group and event pages. =/

Vanessa commented on this video 4 hours ago 10 minutes ago

Video intro for my site :)

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Andrew replied to Link 'http' disappearing colon bug 4 hours ago 24 minutes ago


akash JomSocial Discussion Group 5 hours ago 17 minutes ago

I did not found any setting for doing so.....

akash JomSocial Discussion Group 5 hours ago 18 minutes ago

I have a question ? could the activities at frontpage, only related to the my-group will be visible?

Christos has liked a Video 6 hours ago 25 minutes ago

Single Photo Upload Issue In Groups

Serious issue with users bumping other users photos off the stream within groups.

feeling irritated

After move site to other server, all is fine, but Jomsocial administration panel is blank. - feeling irritated

Alan I raised the same issue, wasn't fixed just got advised to increase my php memory limit, one of the processes on the dashboard to calculate average age is too resource intensive the way it's coded... Show more 6 hours ago 10 minutes ago
Michal Dluzak @Alan: there are no details about this issue here... from time to time we receive reports that dashboard become slow but in most cases it's or server minimal settings or 3rd party extensions... Show more 6 hours ago 2 minutes ago
Alan Just sharing my experience with a similar issue, he posted on community so thought I would share what worked for me 5 hours ago 55 minutes ago

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