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  • Paul shared a photo.
    6 minutes ago

    Saturday morning and a sunny 35 Degrees in Sydney. IT'S POOL PARTY time!

  • Saovry
    15 hours ago

    Hi world, it is Friday in Cambodia now.

    Rudy Hi Saovry.. Happy week-end..
    14 hours 33 minutes ago
  • Anais
    17 hours 25 minutes ago

    Hey! I would like to get a mobile app with my jomsocial website. Which plugins do you suggest?

    Sinisa Probably idiom is the way to go. No plugin will help you with this.
    You need to create an Android/iOS application for that.
    16 hours 55 minutes ago
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    Hi everybody, check out these great apps for jomsocial

    Sinisa I get error 500 when trying to reach your site
    17 hours 35 minutes ago
  • Merav shared a photo.



    Hello from Bali!

  • gani
    2 days ago

    hello evryone..

    Michal Dluzak Hi, hello, dzień dobry
    2 days ago
  • Michal Dluzak JomSocial TIPS & TRICKS
    2 days ago

    Ahhh, another tasty hack. This baby will allow you to display Events from certain events category only. You need additional hack to use it multiple time - enabled Alternative Layout feature for modules (that will come along with JomSocial 3.3):… - feeling blessed

    Michal Dluzak Hack is updated with PRIVATE EVENTS only feature. Now private events are even more private

    Yes, Sinisa is right. Many times on forum users post questions regarding configuration and complains that it's hard... there need to be balance between simplicity and features-configuration-packed.
  • Michal Dluzak JomSocial TIPS & TRICKS
    2 days ago

    This little hack allows you to remove commenting option in Photo Albums (Photo commenting stays untouched):… - feeling blessed

  • Merav has changed their profile cover.

    2 days ago

  • Eric Tracz shared a photo.
    2 days ago

    CoffeeTime in the morning.

    Coffee beans, ground coffee, ground coffee with fresh vanilla (that's the black stuff), coffee in a mug and the bottom one is just a nice view.

    Vanilla coffee is nice.

    With Matt Jaworski

    Eric Tracz Michal Dluzak of course I am. I gind those beans every morning. Me or Matt Jaworski fresh coffeeee with combinations like:

    coffee + chilli
    coffee + cinnamon
    coffee + vanilla

    or combinations of the above. We're experimenting with different spices.
    2 days ago
  • Michal Dluzak JomSocial TIPS & TRICKS
    3 days ago

    Hey, Folks! This time Magic Mike prepared hack for Events. Using it will allow you to hide event content (details, modules etc) for event non-participants.… - feeling blessed

    MJay Thanks for sharing all your hacks Mike.......
    16 hours 49 minutes ago 1
  • Claude shared a photo.
    4 days ago

  • alfredo Suggestions for the staff
    4 days ago

    hi, there is a chance to get those requests in js3.3?……

    Merav For some people, sure, for others not important. We have to always consider what is the most important to most of our users and do that first
    2 days ago 1
  • Santo has changed their profile cover.

    5 days ago

  • onimaro Socialize Template
    7 days ago

    Menu toolbar text change color when go on is very bad
    Is not possible to get similar of megamenu?

    onimaro Very good ^___^
    6 days ago
  • onimaro Socialize Template
    7 days ago

    I use jfbconnect, for integration whit top bar where I must put the code {JFBCLogin} ?

    Sinisa Hi

    the only thing you can do in jomsocial is to enter the keys in the FBC integration settings and turn on the JFBC integration.
    This will show Facebook connect button on jomsocial, and all the modules we provide. For more than that, you need to ask JFBC developers
    4 days ago
  • Jeff JomSocial TIPS & TRICKS
    7 days ago

    When users comment on the same video, the Activity Stream shows each comment in separate posts. So if two or three users are commenting back and forth on a video it floods my Activity Stream. Is there a way to make all the comments collapse into one post on the Stream?

    Merav This is definitely something we are working on, just just for video comments but photos as well.
    6 days ago 3
  • Amit
    7 days ago

    My photo upload is not working please help

    Dimas Tekad Santosa Amit, please you post on our forum
    6 days ago
  • Eric Tracz shared a photo.
    7 days ago

    It's Fabulous!

    New version of Socialize has been released.

    It's Awesome!

    Upgrade your Socialize template to 1.2.9 version today and get all the new features and bugfixes.

    It's Fantastic!

    Read more about it on our blog:… - feeling excited

    onimaro Wow Great job!
    7 days ago 1
  • Andrew shared a photo.
    7 days ago

    - feeling tired

    hugo lol ps this good. this very well
    7 days ago
  • Michael
    7 days ago


  • onimaro replied to Jomsocial - override lingua
    1 week ago

    Non lo trovi perchè non c'è ^___^ FIELD_GENDER non è ne una costante ne...

  • testcouch
    1 week ago

    PLEASE make better TESTS before you add changes into Bug Fix Releases wich are at the end not working! - feeling angry

    Paul Hi Testcouch,, We are rapidly writing test cases for every bug that is reported and automation testing is done before every release, 1000's of tests have already been written and 1000's more are still needed to cover the entire product. We are getting there but it's a massive process. At the moment a lot of legacy code and old functions are being removed as part of the transition into Jomdocial 3.3 and I have seen a few bugs that have slipped though in the the last few versions that shouldn't have. You are right it shouldn't be happening. I can assure you i will be looking at how we can minimize this in future releases
    7 days ago 1
  • Giuseppe I Love JomSocial
    1 week ago

    ragazzi ho installato jomsocial, mi dà continuamente errore quando i miei utenti vogliono provare a modificare l'immagine di profilo dell'avatar.. soluzione? grazie in anticipo

  • andyowl German Jomsocial Users
    1 week ago

    Hallo, hat jemand eine Ahnung, wie ich mir eine benutzdefinierte Mitgliederliste erstellen kann in der neben Username noch Ort und eine andere Info dargestellt wird?

    Danke und Gruß