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  • Andrew commented on this photo

    53 minutes ago

    turns out there was an updated version of my template ! It ROCKS now on...

  • Andrew shared a photo.
    56 minutes ago

    a quick response from anyone who knows how to add the 'FACEBOOK LOGIN BUTTON' in these places! Ive seen other sites with it ! Thanks! - feeling happy

  • Merav shared Andrew's status
    5 hours 3 minutes ago

    Great feedback!

    I ask my self why was jomsocial so expensive and now i realize its actually cheap! using it for almost 6 weeks now and am pleased with the features layouts and various options ... 1 of thee best component on the web for joomla! good work guys! like my post if you agree!
  • alfredo Italian Jomsocial Users
    5 hours 24 minutes ago

    c'è un errore nella mia traduzione di COM_COMMUNITY_STREAM_LIKES_PROFILE_SINGULAR l'avatar non c'entra nulla, non so com'è finito lì, correzione:

    COM_COMMUNITY_STREAM_LIKES_PROFILE_SINGULAR=" piace il %3$s di <a href="/%1$s">%2$s</a> "

    onimaro Ok sistemato e caricato il nuovo pacchetto
    12 minutes ago
  • Alexander uploaded a new Profile cover

    7 hours 1 minute ago

  • Badreddine
    14 hours 36 minutes ago

    how it works the php code jomsocial (index.php) ?

    Sinisa Hi there

    Im not really sure what you mean by that.
    Can you please provide more details about the question?

    7 hours 35 minutes ago
  • Eric Tracz uploaded a new Profile cover

    16 hours 16 minutes ago

    Dimas Tekad Santosa burning dog
    13 hours 36 minutes ago 1
  • Danny German Jomsocial Users
    21 hours 29 minutes ago (Testen URL fetching)

    Welcome to | Chat 4 Real is het profielenplatform van België en Nederland. Maak nu geheel gratis een profiel aan. Laat zien wie ‘jij’ bent, wat ‘jij’ kunt en wordt…
    Danny Thank you Paul, The template is: it_community2
    11 hours 41 minutes ago
  • Danny shared 2 photos in Suggestions for the staff

    Please something like this! Urgent... Thx

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  • Markus German Jomsocial Users

    ist jemand in der Lage von einem IOS Gerät (iphone, ipad..) hier im stream ein Bild hochzuladen? Bei mir geht es nicht MEHR...

    Markus IOS 8
    9 hours 12 minutes ago
  • Andrew

    I ask my self why was jomsocial so expensive and now i realize its actually cheap! using it for almost 6 weeks now and am pleased with the features layouts and various options ... 1 of thee best component on the web for joomla! good work guys! like my post if you agree! - feeling excited

    Andrew sure! i see how the script work and am amazed how advance it has really gotten!
    17 hours 53 minutes ago 1
  • alfredo Italian Jomsocial Users
    2 days ago

    COM_COMMUNITY_ACTIVITIES_COMMENT_OTHERS_PHOTO="%2$s ha commentato la foto di %4$s"

    COM_COMMUNITY_ACTIVITIES_COMMENT_OWN_PHOTO="%2$s ha commentato questa foto"

    COM_COMMUNITY_ACTIVITIES_COMMENT_OTHERS_ALBUM="%2$s ha commentato l'album di %4$s"

    COM_COMMUNITY_ACTIVITIES_COMMENT_OTHERS_VIDEO="%2$s ha commentato il video di %4$s"

    COM_COMMUNITY_PROFILE_AVATAR_LIKE_EMAIL_SUBJECT="{actor} piace il tuo nuovo avatar su {stream}."

    COM_COMMUNITY_STREAM_LIKES_PROFILE_SINGULAR=" piace il nuovo di avatar di %2$s %3$s"

    NOTA: ho editato il post e mi ha tagliato tutti i caratteri speciali..cmq si capiscono le correzioni

    onimaro Ok il file della lingua è stato caricato ^__^
  • alfredo JomSocial's Extensions Developers
    2 days ago

    Hi guys, I hope i can get some help here. I'm simply trying to do an helloworld plugin
    I've done exactly what the doc says (community plugin)…

    You can see see the code here…
    The installation works, jomsocial sees the plugin, but I can't see the "helloword" string in profile page.
    I tried several time from zero, same result.
    Please help

    alfredo unrelated question, do you think can i use UserObject to get the ids of the user who clicked on "like profile", i don't mean the amount of likes, i want the users id (without query the db preferably)
    14 hours 54 minutes ago
  • alfredo Italian Jomsocial Users
    2 days ago

    ma che roba è "Tu sei ora in amicizia"?
    COM_COMMUNITY_STREAM_MY_FRIENDS="<b>Tu</b> e <b><a href="/%2$s">%1$s</a></b> ora siete amici"

    onimaro ok sistemato
    2 days ago
  • Andrew uploaded a new Profile cover

    3 days ago

  • lafemme Suggestions for the staff
    3 days ago

    Hi... in time i have let a module made... It filteres the types of streams. This will let me create a module for instance likes on content and one main module for only content. It sees automaticly if there is a new type of feed if i install a new extension that integrated with JS. Yeah.. i want it Facebook style

    It works well.. but now, i want to upgrade to your latest version and am pretty sure that i now need to alter the modification that i have. So.... my question.. could you not just build this in?? I guess that more people would love to have controle over there stream. Because, i think that (especially for my dating website) not overone needs to know who befriended who. The main stream also looks messy, having all the posts in one stream on the frontpage.

    Hope you consider this...

    lafemme Wow!! Thats great news
    yesterday 1
  • Albertus
    3 days ago

    Dimas Tekad Santosa happy friday

    Dimas Tekad Santosa Albertus no TGIF for you for this weekend
    3 days ago
  • Saovry
    3 days ago…

  • Dimas Tekad Santosa
    3 days ago

    Albertus please tag me on the comment

    Dimas Tekad Santosa this is bug, check your notification click the tagged notif, it redirect to wrong page
    3 days ago
  • alfredo Italian Jomsocial Users
    4 days ago

    altra correzione
    COM_COMMUNITY_STREAM_LIKES_PROFILE_PLURAL=" piace il %3$s di <a href="/%1$s">%2$s</a>"

    alfredo dai è tempo di affrancarsi dal potere centrale
    4 days ago
  • Susan Burton Suggestions for the staff
    4 days ago

    When you see a Group Event in the Events Module, and you click on the Event because you want to attend, you may not realise it is a Group Event if you don't notice the Group Name at the top (and people don't!). So you cannot understand why you can't join the event. In the place where you would 'Respond' to the Event could you have a button that says 'Join Group to join Event'. Or on the Options Menu it could say 'Join Group to Join Event. This would make it easier for users to join these events.

  • Witold Jermołowicz Suggestions for the staff
    5 days ago

    Menu link for single group or group category... It seems to be quite easy to implement, but without it it's difficult to use groups as let's say linkable page under joomla. Obviously, the work-around is to use External URL option under menu, which is still a work-around... because there's no option to control routing behaviour, which also may have impact on SEO or at least - on redirecting old pages to the group url... Anyways, it would be good to have such feature.

    Sinisa Imagine site with 7000 groups.
    How would the Joomla menu manager handle all of that?

    If you need this for publishing a single module or use different template for one specific group, there is a way, and its pretty much simple
    4 days ago
  • Eric Tracz shared a photo.
    5 days ago

    The new version of Ad Agency 5.1.1 is out now and contains some important bug fixes for the new reporting system.

    We've been working hard on getting those pesky bugs out of the system for the last few weeks. Our support and engineering teams have been monitoring the forums and made notes of everything that needed fixing

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