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  • Saovry
    3 hours 7 minutes ago

    How many templates there are in Jomsocial Pro?

  • Saovry
    3 hours 20 minutes ago

    Could someone share about the date site is using by jomsocial?

  • alfredo shared a photo in JomSocial TIPS & TRICKS
    3 hours 59 minutes ago

    If someone is interested or you having trouble with google recaptcha I made this

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    5 hours 13 minutes ago

  • Michal Dluzak JomSocial TIPS & TRICKS
    8 hours ago

    Small but nifty hack that allow you to hide Admin (or any other user) in Top Members module:… - feeling blessed

  • Andrew
    13 hours 7 minutes ago

    Expires: In 87 days, 1 hours, 27 minutes | Who can calculate the exact future date from now 30th October 2014?

    Saovry I hope jomsocail 3.3 will be released before you will expire. Andrew
    10 hours 56 minutes ago
  • Cristiano Merav
    13 hours 53 minutes ago

    Hi Merav, Because this Jomsocial 3.3 taking too long to be released?

    Merav We are re-doing the entire design and adding a lot of features, this takes time, it will be worth the wait
    12 hours 49 minutes ago 2
  • Dirty

    has anyone been able to add clipbucket as a video provider?

  • onimaro Italian Jomsocial Users

    Ho notato che hanno rimosso dall'addons di jomsocial tutta la categoria riguandanti le traduzioni nei vari linguaggi di Jomsocial. Probabilmente perchè Jomsocial non ha voglia di fare assistenza a pacchetti installazioni, di chi sa chi, nei più disparati linguaggi nel forum di supporto. L'unica fonte ufficiale e di recupuero della traduzione sarà Transifex.
    Io personalmente non presterò assistenza a tutti gli utenti che passano e mi chiedono pacchetti installazioni, o pacchetti installazioni vecchie versioni. Capite, siete in tanti e non ho un sito dove mettere a disposizione tali risorse per il momento.
    E' probabile che ben presto costruirò un sito totalmente in italiano, sia per il rilascio pacchetti installazioni in italiano, sia per E-learning di Jomsocial e componenti di terze parti di integrazione con Jomsocial.
    Già adesso chiedo a chi volesse partecipare e contribuire, anche a livello ecconomico a questo nuovo progetto di contattarmi tramite pm .

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  • Scott

    REALLY looking forward to the ACL features in 3.4

  • Jan JomSocial TIPS & TRICKS
    2 days ago

    I need to add new fields to the events. The ideal would be checkbox. Is it possible?

    Jan Hi Michal. It is a good idea, but your forum is only for users with an active subscription. Although I had already purchased subscription multiple times, into jomsocial Forum I have denied access. It annoys me terribly, but that's about it, what can I do ;-) I understand that I can not write posts, but why I can't even get into the Forum?!? It is a pity for me, but also for you. Jomsocial is fine, but for example, I will not buy Ad Agency, but SocialAds ;-)
    Now I'm waiting for version 3.3. Previously, he was the term always broken, so I wait for version 3.3 really will be available.
  • alfredo Socialize Template
    2 days ago

    In toolbar module you should use placeholder attr instead of label (for username and password fields I mean)

    Michal Dluzak Done, it will be available in next release of Socialize.
    2 days ago 1
  • Merav shared a photo.
    3 days ago

    Exciting News! Our iJoomla team is working on a deeper integration between Ad Agency and JomSocial that will allow all your JomSocial members to create ads that show directly on the stream!

    This amazing feature will be available when JomSocail 3.3 is released along with the Ad Agency 5.2. Take a look at this screen capture to see how it's going to look like.

    You'll be able to set an avatar image and a large image as well as a URL and a description.

    Something to look forward to! - feeling excited

    Screenshots of JomSocial 3.3 pre-alpha version. These are just some of...
    Daniel Soares Alignment liked Avatar, so it gets better
  • Saovry
    3 days ago

    The weekend is gone and now it is in the morning on Monday from Cambodia.

  • Wolfgang German Jomsocial Users
    5 days ago


    Ist es möglich bei User Aktivitäten , zb. (kommentar schreiben, bild hochladen usw.)
    das eine E-Mail an alle registrierten User eine E-Mail geht. Es ist ein Cron-Job aufgesetzt (5min). In Joomsocial "Konfiguration -> Privatsphäre ->
    Standard Benutzermails & Benachrichtigungen alles auf on. Bis dato kommen außer wenn Freundschaft angeboten wird keine e-mails.
    Hat jemand eine Idee ????

    Michal Dluzak I already answered in your thread
    4 days ago
  • Agorà Italian Jomsocial Users
    5 days ago

    Ciao a tutti non riesco a scaricare il paccheto della lingua!

    onimaro Chiedi assisteza nel forum di supporto di jomscoial o prendi i files da transifex
    5 days ago
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    5 days ago

    Eric Tracz I love fractals!
    3 days ago