Roadmap 3.X

Note: This road map is "work in progress". It will most likely change a bit as we go, but this will give you a good idea of what to expect. Please read about our roadmap creation process here.

  • Version 3.0 NOW AVAILABLE!

    • Responsive design - Front-end
    • Support for Joomla 3.X
    • Cover photos for events, profiles, groups
    • New avatars
    • Separate home page zones into new modules
    • Different default avatars and cover photos for men and women, based on gender field
    • New toolbar
    • Integration with JFBConnect
    • Tooltips for all fields on the backend (will be available on RC2)
    • New styling for pop-ups and buttons on front end
  • Version 3.1 NOW AVAILABLE!

    • Complete Bootstrap - Backend
    • Re-positioning of cover photos
    • Adding photos to stream on mobile
    • New admin cPanel and navigation tool bar
  • Version 3.2 RC3 AVAILABLE!

    • Stream:
      • New share box
      • Uploading multiple images
      • Location detection
      • Stream filtering by type
      • Moods & Emoticons
      • Stream auto-load
      • Add a “Like” link on stream module
      • Add “Report” link for specific items on the stream
      • Beter admin annoucements
      • "Like" to stream comments
      • Tagging
      • Allow users to change their privacy settings after posting
      • Share link to share inside the community
      • Parsing URLs inside posts and comments
      • Sharing videos and photos on events page
      • Progress bar when uploading photos
      • Ability to not redirect after login/logout
  • Version 3.2.1 Not Yet Started

    • Stream:
      • Moods when posting photos/videos
        Choosing location when posting videos/photos
        Allow adding a photo from comment
        Support emoticons on comments of videos/albums/photos pages
        Ability to post photos and videos on friend’s wall
        Allow tagging on comments of videos/photos
      • Featured posts
      • Improve order of comments on photos
      • Sharing videos and photos on someone else's profile
    • Messages:
      • Turn URLs to links automatically
        Add attachments on messages
        Support emoticons in messages
        Fetch URLs and video URLs in messages
    • Admin:
      • Allow admin to upload a the welcome image on backend
      • Add another field for plugin name to be used on the front end, to show on the front end
      • Ability to lock parent categories from adding items to them (videos, photos, groups,events)
      • Add a column on user manager to show userpoints
  • Version 3.3 Not Yet Started

    • Front-end re-design
    • Hashtags
    • Search bars
  • Version 3.4 Not Yet Started

    • ACL Support
      • Control who can access different features on the backend
      • Control who can access different features on the front end
      • Default ACL group for community members who completed profile
      • Ability to set different ACL groups for different profile types
  • Version 3.5 and beyond Not Yet Started

    Every version will focus on one feature at a time: events, photos, etc.