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Jomsocial Homepage Title text"Welcome to"

2 years 4 months ago
JomSocial Active iSEO Active Socialize Expired

Hello,I dont know how t his text apreas in Homepage tile,How we can remove this

2 years 4 months ago


please check it. I made language override for COM_COMMUNITY_FRONTPAGE_TITLE to remove the "welcome to"
as you can see the tittle still containing dash:

✔ |The Best Place For Connecting People in Qatar - 
that dash from joomla it self. if you dont want to put anything after dash, you can put that text at jomsocial frontpage title under jomscocial configuration.


2 years 4 months ago
JomSocial Active iSEO Active Socialize Expired

Hello Albert,

Thankyou for fix, Cann you please me to 1 more issue which is more critcal for me now.
When i purchased Socialize and Jomsocial Pro,I intalled is everything and My Menu Structure is like this in starting

Home- Jomsocial -Members -Videos -Events -Classified
then later I deleted HOME and rename Jomsocial with HOME and make it default homepage, so now my menu is like
Home(jomsocial) Members -Videos -Events -Classified
But when i am viewing Bredcrum Module,Its shows me duplicate nav text in breadcrum, check this video

2 years 4 months ago
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Seems this breadcrumbs issue is coming from Joomla issue itself, because jomsocial doesnt have any code to breadcrumbs.

Please you post on Joomla forum for this.

thank you

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