Why do my posts about custom template that integrates JomSocial constantly gets deleted while you keep the unrelated spam resting on the stream for ages and how long does it take for third-party listing to be approved on your Templates add-on section?

Jay Please don't let this go into the weekend without answer.
If this is not the proper communication channel, please let me know where should i contact you.

I tried the Contact Us forms as well, but had no success there either.
4 days ago
Jay How do you get attention from anyone in jomsocial team here?
A very simple acknowledgment would be fine for a start

Some ideas on top of my head? - Template has to pass HTML validator (there are couple of warnings that can be fixed easily) validator.w3.org/nu/ - Lock the template for unregistered users so nothing can be seen until user is registered. It's awesome for private networks. - Improve menu navigation to support dropdowns .Works right now but it's not the...

Hi folks After almost 2 months, I am glad to present a first working version of App Template that fully integrates JomSocial to fit into design perfectly. You can see the demo here demo.j-hacks.com Template use Bootstrap 4 as a framework, have two color accents (dark and light) and can change skin with multiple different colors. It requires JomSocial to be installed (can't work...


Interesting, it would seem the idea would gather more traction, nevertheless, i'm having the first working demo to show (and share) with you, hoping it would spark more interest Download link: www.sendspace.com/file/8ihm6c (note: download link is active for 30 days only) Please note, the template is in very early stage and it's not meant to be used on production web sites. It is just...

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Turning Jomsocial into WebApp using simple template

Hello folks, Im starting this thread because I'd like to understand how you set up your Jomsocial-based web site in conjunction with plethora of available Joomla templates and offer some solutions to common problems. It's important to understand i will not talk about mobile phone application because that is completely different animal outside the scope of my expertise, but will focus on turning...

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