Merav Knafo

Founder & CEO,

Merav is a pioneer in the Joomla world. She founded back in 2005 and has released some of the most successful commercial Joomla extensions in the world. Merav specializes in creating complex applications that are powerful, but easy-to-use. Her goal for JomSocial is to improve the communication between customers and developers and JomSocial, and to take the design, features, and customer satisfaction to the next level. When she’s not wrapped in a CMS, she likes to watch Indie movies and go to the gym.


Project Manager

Sinisa has been around JomSocial since its beginning, but only joined the team in early 2011. Since then, he has been doing what he enjoys most: offering help and generously sharing his in-depth JomSocial and Joomla knowledge. For anyone struggling to set up or configure a site, Sinisa is the first stop. While he’s away from the keyboard, he annoys his neighbors by playing loud music and misplaces weekends with nightlife and parties.


Support Manager

Paul has over 25 years’ experience in operations management and support, including 10 years working directly with web services. He thrives on challenging situations and won’t stop until everyone is happy. When Paul isn’t working he is normally found in front of his computer still working. Either way, if you have a problem Paul will be there to sort it out for you and he'll do it with the biggest smile you've ever seen.


Lead Developer

Graduate from RMIT University as a bachelor of Computer science majoring in web programming. Has been with jomsocial since 2010 as well but, left for a year before joining back and he's better than ever! Spends a lot of time with games and watching shows, never stops thinking about development, though. Constantly improving himself Alex is leveling his skills in web development just as you'd expect a gamer to do!



Frontend Developer

JavaScript ninja, came to our team and blew our minds. Tries to make the most of his skills and wants to see fun interactive webdesign. Has a degree in Computer Science. When he's not coding, takes his electric guitar and strums some powerchords. One of his favorite bands is a Finnish one, Nightwish (Chris, likes it too :D).



Dimas has been a software developer at JomSocial since August 2010. He has a degree in Computer Engineering Networking from CISCO Academy, but finds his comfort in creating Web apps and programming OpenSource. When he can be dragged away from his computer, he’s likely to be kicking a ball or sitting in nature.


Developer & Support

Has joined JomSocial team in March 2014. It was a brand new world to him at that time and he was mezmerized with the possibilities it has to offer. He dove right into it and is helping to make sure every next JomSocial version is more stable than a previous one. Highly interested in new technologies especially in the Open Source world.



Sociologist, so no wonder that he's working on Internet societies development with JomSocial. Like problems, especially those I can solve :) They are like riddles and playing with them all day long he sometimes wonders when how much time it takes him to start talking to people with riddles. Loves to spend free time on the bosom of mother nature, swimming in river channels, traversing the swamps just to rest in his sweet home afterwards. Reading books, listening to the music and watching films gives him pleasure too. On occasion he wears a uniform and clashes in the I and the II World War battles reenactments. That's real historical fun!