Our Team

Merav Knafo

Founder & CEO, iJoomla.com

Merav is a pioneer in the Joomla world. She founded iJoomla.com back in 2005 and has released some of the most successful commercial Joomla extensions in the world. She took over JomSocial in 2013 and made it her mission to turn things around. Her biggest accomplishments included implementing automated testing, redesigning JomSocial and turning previously unhappy customers to happy ones.


Project Manager

Sinisa has been around JomSocial since its beginning, but only joined the team in early 2011. Since then, he has been doing what he enjoys most: offering help and generously sharing his in-depth JomSocial and Joomla knowledge. For anyone struggling to set up or configure a site, Sinisa is the first stop. While he’s away from the keyboard, he annoys his neighbors by playing loud music and misplaces weekends with nightlife and parties.


Frontend Developer

JavaScript ninja, came to our team and blew our minds. Tries to make the most of his skills and wants to see fun interactive webdesign. Has a degree in Computer Science. When he's not coding, takes his electric guitar and strums some powerchords. One of his favorite bands is a Finnish one, Nightwish (Chris, likes it too :D).


Lead Developer

Albertus has joined JomSocial team in March 2014. It was a brand new world to him at that time and he was mezmerized with the possibilities it has to offer. He dove right into it and is helping to make sure every next JomSocial version is more stable than a previous one. Highly interested in new technologies especially in the Open Source world.



Mateusz is an artist who paints in pixels. He’s able to imagine a clean presentation and put it straight onto the screen faster than any of us could describe it. No one can turn ideas into designs quicker or better than Mateusz. And we don’t just say that because he can also shoot a bow and arrow better than Robin Hood.


Senior Developer

Graduate from RMIT University as a bachelor of Computer science majoring in web programming. Has been with jomsocial since 2010 as well but, left for a year before joining back and he's better than ever! Spends a lot of time with games and watching shows, never stops thinking about development, though. Constantly improving himself Alex is leveling his skills in web development just as you'd expect a gamer to do!



Support Manager

Michael is a sociologist, which gives him exactly the right skills to develop online societies. When he’s not puzzling over a riddle, he’s likely to be somewhere in the Great Outdoors, swimming in a river or getting lost in a swamp. He’s also been known to pull on a uniform and take part in World War I and World War II re-enactments. There’s nothing like looking again at old societies to understand the newest ones.


Automation & Support

Dimas has been a software developer at JomSocial since August 2010. He has a degree in Computer Engineering Networking from CISCO Academy, but finds his comfort in creating Web apps and programming OpenSource. When he can be dragged away from his computer, he’s likely to be kicking a ball or sitting in nature.



No one knows more about CMS than Ricardo. He can explain in painstaking detail the difference between Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and just about every other system on the Web (so don’t ask him!). From his base in Argentina, Ricardo is in charge of web sites maintenance, backups, restores and so much more. When he is not working, he likes to go for a run or take a long walk in the woods with his wife and dogs.

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