This is the standalone version of our famous Paid membership and Access control bundle pack. We are offering this standalone version specially for those who want to use some other Paid Membership extension but they want to control user rights based on the ...

Creates fully functional Users, Groups and Events for development or demonstration purposes. Supports all Jomsocial versions from 3.2 through 4.3.3. You need Populator for Jomsocial if : You are developing a new site based on Jomsocial. You need fak ...


Pre-Registration Email Validation plugin allows your users to validate their email id before registration. It will reduce the SPAM at your site and also reduce the possibility in typo in email address. You don't have to perform more than two step, just in ...

Photo Calendar
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The release can create an Calendar with all your events and events group. You can choice pictures to create your photo calendar ! Users can set all parameters directly. v2.1.0 -Joomla 3.x compatible -New App's Icon

Photo Ecard
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Send Ecard with your Jomsocial's pictures ! Set Background and font color and play ! Users can set all parameters directly. Changelog: 2.1.0 -J3.x compatible 2.0.2 -add width for thumbs parameter in backend


Community Plans plugin makes the Personal Goals Management extension available right from the profile pages of the JomSocial community. The application enables users to easily monitor and manage their plans on their profile pages as well as track their pr ...


Create your own social media-like site using Pinterest. Social Pinboard is a powerful script for Joomla-based websites using which you can build own social network site in a few minutes. The Pinterest clone script provides options of creating own board, a ...


Do you pin it? Pinterest is a new and explosive social network that lets you organize and share all the good stuff you find on the Internet, if you want your jomsocial based website pinned and shared across the web, then Pinterest for Jomsocial does it fo ...


Pinterest Pin Display for Jomsocial is the most wanted application for Jomsocial that our customer was asking for long time. With this now you can proudly display your Pinterest Pins in a beautiful style within JomSocial profile and showcase to your frien ...

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ProfileURL allows your JomSocial users to customize their own PROFILE and GROUP links, exactly like how it's done on Facebook. Want to let your users have profile and group URLs like With ProfileURL it's a breeze! ...

ProfileURL allows your Community Builder, EasySocial, JomSocial or JomWall users to customize their profile and group links, exactly like how it's done on Facebook. It is also integrated with ParaInvite's Namecard links. Want to let your users have pro ...

Community Habits plugin makes the Personal Goals Manager application available directly from profile pages of your JomSocial community. The application makes it possible to gain new habits or break away from the bad ones. The plugin is delivered together ...


Community Goals plugin is developed to demonstrate the smash-hit Personal Goals Manager application on profile pages of your JomSocial community. The plugin enables you to manage and track your essential goals directly from your JomSocial profile page. ...

Profile Activity
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This is a small rework of once free Profile Update Activity plugin from Suburbans. Not much changed here - just some code clean up and Joomla 1.6 compatibility, added update feature plus one extra setting - show/hide profile details update.

Profile Viewers
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A simple plugin, which shows a list of users, who've visited your profile. As usual, it's a free plugin with update feature enabled. You can use it as you wish.


PayPlans allows you to create a Subscription/Membership website all based on the power and flexibility of Joomla. PayPlans is open source and highly customizable Joomla extension. It helps you to have a totally customized, unique experience. Features: ...


با درود خدمت همه پارسی زبانان دنیا! افتخار این رو دارم که نسخه 2.2.4 جومسوشال رو به زبان شیرین پارسی ترجمه کردم. و آن را به همه پارسی زبانان دنیا تقدیم می کنم. خوبان پارسی گو بخشندگان عمرند ساقي بده بشارت رندان پارسا را Hi all! This is sweet Pers ...

Category:Persian (Farsi)

Portuguese (Brazil) translation, which uses the same style as the translation of Joomla! itself. The ZIP file is installable (download and install via the Joomla! installer). For the most updated translation, you can buy at


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