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Product doesn't work on my site & Terrible Support.
Component crashes my homescreen and doesn't do what it suggests it does. I don;t get anything presented on the site that wasn't there already so I am at a loss for what this great thing is supposed to do.
Support is appalling having offered no insight or solution to my problems - they simply keep reiterating what the component should do and then they hide behind the no-refund policy for open-source terms. Rubbish! Deeply unhappy. I might as well have thrown my money onto a fire. At least I would have got some material benefit from the experience.

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Is this App supported on New Jomsocial?

I wanted to know if this app is supported on the latest jomsocial?

Hi I love this feature and have been lokking forward buying it but the most important feature the jomlike doesn't have is the fact of it been given out to other websites to use it as a like button on articles or items all over the web! Just like g+ digg and facebook

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