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New Ad Agency 6 Introduces JomSocial Stream Ads!

Some things just work so much better together: fries and ketchup, Yoga and incense, Larry and Sergei, JomSocial and… well, just about all our products, actually. 

Ad Agency has been integrated with JomSocial for years now, allowing you to target ads by profile information, and now, we allow you and your members to create ads that will show right on the stream!

JomSocial with Ad Agency. It was a match made in heaven.


JomSocial Stream Ads

JomSocial’s Stream Ads let you present ads on your community’s activity streams in a beautiful, non-distracting way. With the amazing redesign of JomSocial 4.0 we had a great opportunity to add stream ads that blend beautifully in the new stream.

The JomSocial Stream Ads have a number of elements. The Headline is the hook.
It pulls readers into the text. There’s also an ad avatar, a content picture and, of course, the target page’s URL. See the entire process of creating and ad.

Can I configure the ads?

Sure. Site administrators can configure:

  • The length of the ad headline;
  • The length of the ad text;
  • The size of the ad content image;
  • Whether to show the ‘Create Ad’ link;
  • Whether to show ‘Sponsored Stream’ information;
  • The JomSocial Custom Profile Fields used to target ads;
  • Whether to show ‘Target Audience Preview’ when advertisers create their JomSocial Stream Ads;
  • The frequency with which JomSocial Stream Ads appear in the activity streams;
  • And the Activity Streams on which to display the ads.

That’s a whole bunch of really powerful configuration options. Your advertisers will love them.

The How do advertisers create a JomSocial Stream Ad?

Advertisers fill in the URL, the heading and the rest of the fields. They’re not all required. After they’ve made the ad, advertisers can add it to an existing campaign or purchase a new one.

What about reporting?

The reporting system is one of the gems that we love about Ad Agency. JomSocial Stream Ads are included in the reporting system with all its beautiful graphs, data exports and filtering. Your advertisers can see how their ads are doing at any time.

Not just for advertising!

JomSocial Stream Ads blend so well into the activity streams you don’t have to use them for just ads. Make announcements, inform users about upcoming events or draw their attention to other interesting parts of your site. Go wild!.

Download Ad Agency 6.0 right here!

You can download by going to My Account. Log in and download the Ad Agency package, or use iJoomla Installer for super easy installation.
iJoomla Installer is included in the zip file containing Ad Agency.

The best way to upgrade.

The easiest way to upgrade is to use the iJoomla installer. In the backend of your site navigate to: Components > iJoomla Installer.

Alternatively, you can install the latest package on top of the existing one using the regular Joomla extensions installer. Proceed as with any other Joomla extension.

Please remember that any major upgrade should always be preceded by a full backup of your website. Please also note that all new features added to Ad Agency are available only for Joomla 3.X.


Renew Your Expired Ad Agency License Today!

You can renew your expired by going to and navigating to My Account. There on the list of your licenses find the expired Ad Agency Pro license and click the renew button shown below. 

Don't have Ad Agency Pro?

You can get Ad Agency for your Joomla site right now. Combine it with JomSocial or other iJoomla extensions and bring your website to a whole new level! All you need to do is click the button below!

Thank you.

I would like to personally thank you for letting us earn your business. Our team is working really hard to make sure you get the best possible product. You’re going to love Ad Agency. Check it out.

Comments? Questions?

Please leave them below. 

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