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Guru road map

3 years 5 months ago
JomSocial Expired GURU Expired

Hi there !

Any news about Guru road map ?
I'm excited about "Rating & Reviews" and ...

Otherwise I have some suggestions.

The current description tab seems very little used by the course designer. Can the list of students (the 10 -... last students registered) be included. Thus, students who share the same course can interact and be friends via jomsocial..

A lesson is considered seen by the system as soon as one has just clicked on it. Is it possible to include a small button that the student clicks to indicate that he feels that a lesson is ok for him ?

A "Share" button to allow students to share a course on their Jomsocial news feeds and Facebook would be cool

3 years 5 months ago

Hello stankoua,
There is not a road map available for now but I just submitted all your feature request to our development team. I can't give you an estimate on the development.
With every release we are also release a changelog who describe what was modified, fixed and enhanced.

Thank you for your inputs! we really appreciate this.

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