So my son comes to me asking if I will build him a social website for his school tech club. I tell him to pick a template out and we can go from there. He comes to me and shows me a template hosted on this website of all things with some really disgusting crap on it! I cannot tell you just how offended and disgusted I am with this team for not keeping a better handle on what they are allowing on... Show more

Pankaj Sharma Hi,
What issue you facing with JS Kikiriki theme? Did you raised any issue on forum or support tickets
12 months ago

We are all friends! Why is there not a setting to automatically make everyone friends? I see a few third party extensions that do this but its like everything else for JomSocial developers have it in their head that if we are willing to pay the high price for JomSocial we will fork out money for every single feature we need. Which leads me to ask, why when we are paying so much for this silly,... Show more

Siniša Krišan Hi Kevin

First of all, we do not design features to drain your or anyone's money from the pockets.
We were well aware that someone will sooner or later ask for the possibility to make everyone to be friends on their site, which can work on a site with 100 members just fine.
But we also need to consider Jomsocial might run on a site with 100.000 users.

Now imagine you have them all as a friends,...
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3 years ago

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