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JomSocial’s New Ticketing System

In my last blog post, I explained how we had to give up our heavily hacked Kunena forum in order to migrate to the new site. If you ever used our previous forum, you know it had some pretty cool features:

  • A credentials box to give private, custom-access information.
  • Blocking replies from non-owners.
  • The ability to escalate posts.
  • Assigning posts to moderators.
  • Listing posts based on select criteria.
  • Labelling posts with custom tags.
  • Advanced statistics for each moderator.
  • Auto-resolve after a set time.
  • Displaying active licenses under the avatar.
  • Not allowing duplicate answers.

Adding all these hacks took many months but they created a performance issue and prevented us from upgrading Kunena to the latest version. We didn’t want to repeat that mistake.

The new forum is stable and works really well without all the hacks but it only has the default features. Customers can’t submit their private login information, escalate topics, and so on.

HelpScout Comes To The Rescue!

We’ve been using a fantastic support system on both iJoomla and PeepSo in the past year called HelpScout. HelpScout has worked really well. It gives us feedback on the quality of support and really streamlines the support process. We love it.

Private Support Tickets, Now Available!

One addition is private support tickets. You can keep using the forum support as a public support system, or you can submit a private ticket that’s totally secure.

Now A Question For You…

We’ve been debating recently about whether we should dump the Kunena forum entirely and keep only the new ticketing system, keep both, or use Kunena as a reference resource but not allow any new tickets on it. What do you think?

Let us know in the comment box below.

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