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Ijoomla SEO italian language 3.x

Linguaggio italiano per iJoomla SEO 3.x Pacchetto da installare nel lato amministrativo di Joomla Install pack on admin joomla Language pack for Ijoomla SEO 3.x


Indonesian Translate to translate Jomsocial 3.X is fronten course, this version is 1.0.1 development version that uses core language JomSocial but still can be used on Jomsocial version 3.1.1

Jomsocial 3.x German language Installationspack

Kostenlose Deutsche Übersetzung für JS Community ( Jomsocial ) 3.x in informaler (Du) Version. Installationspaket für Joomla 1.5 - 3.x Frontend, Backend, Module und Plugins Dieses Paket installiert Dir automatisch alle nötigen Sprachdateien für Jom ...

اللغة العربية للاصدار الجديد 3.0 (394 views)