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It is based on the danish translation I use at DANISH Her finder du en dansk sprogpakke til JomSocial 3.0.4. Den er væsentlig bedre end den der findes på Transifex - hvis du skal spørge mig. Der ligger 1.5år løbende sprogrettelser bag. ...


Bulgarian translation of JomSocial - ver. 1.2.204


Bulgarian translation, which uses the same style as the translation of Joomla! itself. The ZIP file is installable (download and install via the Joomla! installer). Български превод, който използва същият стил, както и превода на самата Джумла! ZIP ф ...


It is Korean translation(UTF-8) for Jomsocial 1.2.204!


It is Korean translation(UTF-8) for myBlog 3.0.328


Thai Languages for Jomsocial (1.5.x)


99% แปลอาจจะตรงบ้างไม่ตรงบ้าง ใครเอาไปปรับปรุงแล้วแก้ไขแล้วส่งมาแบ่งปันกันได้ครับ ส่งกลับมาได้ตามที่อยู่เว็ป


The language pack contains the language files for the site front-end and modules


Here it is - finally! The translation for probably the smallest market :) Please, consider giving a donation:


This file contains the Hindi language translation files for the following components: Joomla Core JomSocial extension and modules Jbolo chat


This translation is based on the version JomSocial 2.2


I've made the necessary changes to the backend Jomsocial can be translated into any language. In archive I include spanish and english languages. Read archive como.txt

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Put this script in the same directory of the index.php file for Joomla and type in your browser: This little script is used for comparing a new English language file of JomSocial to your "old" own language file. ...

Category:Language Tools

This content element xml-file is needed for translating the Profile type name and description to other languages using Joomfish.

Category:Language Tools
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